Best Testosterone Boosters for Women

Often known as a male hormone, testosterone is also present in some quantities in women (one-tenth of the total amount of testosterone present in men) in various locations in the body like the ovaries, the peripheral tissues, and the adrenal glands.

However, in some cases, women can face an imbalance in their levels of testosterone. This imbalance can, in a way, be harmful to a woman’s overall health.

The sad part is that today, this can often go undiagnosed or even misunderstood for stress, depression, and, if it occurs in the later years, one of the many symptoms accompanied by menopause.

Today, we will look at some of the causes behind why some women have low levels of testosterone. Let us then see what we can do about it.

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Causes of Low Testosterone In Women

There can be several reasons behind why a woman suffers from low testosterone.

Studies say that most women face a drop in their levels of androgen, (this is another term for testosterone) when they reach the level of 40.

The ovaries are the major producers of testosterone. And so, a decrease in hormones around the time of menopause could be one reason for this, decreasing a woman’s libido in the process.

This may not be true for all women but can vary according to the genetic make-up of each.

Some other causes for decreased levels of testosterone could be an insufficiency in a woman’s levels of adrenaline, hypopituitarism, early menopause, surgical removal of the ovaries, or even oral estrogen therapy that can reduce the production of testosterone in a woman’s body.

So, if any of these are what you are suffering from, it could be the reasons behind the low levels of testosterone in your body.

What happens when a woman has low testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in a woman’s body by producing newer blood cells and taking care of the hormones that affect reproduction.

All this can suffer when a woman faces low levels of testosterone. A woman can, in turn, experience low levels of sexual desire or satisfaction.

Apart from this, she can also face weakness in her muscles that could make her sluggish and lead to depression. In addition to that, a woman can also gain some weight ( a woman’s greatest nightmare), have difficulty sleeping, and on the serious side, even lose some of her bone density.

Some may even experience vaginal dryness, irregular menstrual cycles, and finally, have some difficulty conceiving.

While these can also be symptoms of other issues, there is no hard and fast way to diagnose the lack of testosterone in women.

One of the best ways to determine a woman’s levels of testosterone is through a blood test. However, the results can vary based on the laboratory. Another cause of the difficulty is that a woman’s levels of hormones are constantly fluctuating.

One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to get tested about eight to ten days after a period.

Now, the normal level of testosterone in any woman ranges between 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter. Anything higher or lower than that can cause changes in the body that are not favorable.

Best Testosterone Boosters for Women

Taking chemicals can be very harmful to a woman’s body, and so, one of the best ways to deal with the problem of low testosterone is by natural means.

And this is not difficult, what with the number of natural testosterone boosters we have for women today.

Let us look at some of them:

1. TestoPrime

Let us begin by taking a look at the supplement called TestoPrime. This is a good solution for women who go through a lot of pain every month, apart from providing a good testosterone booster.

This way, a woman suffering from a lack of testosterone can balance her hormones and, at the same time, relieve the symptoms that arise as the side effects of her period.

TestoPrime can also improve a women’s sex hormones and at the same time, let her enjoy better physical and mental health, keeping her healthy and motivated all day.

The supplement mainly includes natural ingredients like green tea, which can be greatly helpful when it comes to losing extra pounds and staying slim.

2. TestoFuel

This formula is made up of various natural ingredients and is hence, in a way, safe. Its main ingredients are D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D, and oyster extract it is known to be an effective solution for women with low testosterone levels.

This can also provide good relief to mood swings and irritability, which result from a lack of testosterone. This way, it boosts your testosterone levels and keeps you motivated each day.

Apart from this TestoFuel can also build your muscles and make them stronger. It can also make you feel more confident in the day.

3. TestoGen

Let’s move on to look at yet another formula: Testogen, one of the most popular supplements among women who look to boost their testosterone levels.

This supplement includes several ingredients, all of which are natural and healthy to a woman’s body, more so if she suffers from a lack of testosterone.

This supplement mainly contains a combination of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D3, apart from magnesium and zinc, all of which are clinically balanced to bring out the perfect solution to raise a woman’s testosterone levels and at the same time, boost muscle growth and a better mood.

And at the same time, it can also improve fertility and overcome the problems that come with premenstrual syndrome. This way, a woman can enjoy a better figure and stay energized all day. To learn more, check out our in depth TestoGen review.

4. Prime Male

Now, that’s a funny name, right? Well, this is very much a solution to boost testosterone in females.

A transparent formula, its main ingredients are D-AA, extract of black pepper, boron, and an ingredient called Ashwagandha.

Scientifically backed by experts, this formula can boost a woman’s energy levels, improving mood and toning the body in turn.

Apart from this, it can also enhance a woman’s libido and let her enjoy a better sex drive. To learn more, check out our Prime Male review.

How to Select a Natural Testosterone Booster for Women?

Getting a natural testosterone booster is not as simple as looking through cosmetics from the racks in a mall. There are things to do beforehand and things you need to keep in mind.

So, if you have been considering taking a natural testosterone booster lately, here are a few things you need to do and know:

Seek Help From a Doctor

You may be using a natural supplement. Even then, you must seek the help and advice of the doctor. Be honest with what you are facing and make sure you open up about what you must tell him. This way, he can give you the best advice that you need.

Make sure that you mention the other medications that you are taking. Tell your doctor about the health issues you face, be it physical or even mental issues like stress and anxiety.

This way, he can determine just the right kind of natural testosterone booster that you need.

Read Up

And after you get the advice you need, remember that it is also good to be proactive in finding out things and learning.

And with the wealth of information available out there, why should this be difficult? Cross-check if there’s any information you find disturbing and speak to your doctor about it.

Find out what is best for you and what are the things that you need to do. In the end, remember that it is your body, and no amount of learning could be too much for you.

Accompany This With the Right Lifestyle

Taking supplements alone is not enough. You need to ensure that you accompany this with some good practices and habits, replacing the bad ones if any.

Maintain a healthy diet at all times and keep yourself physically active. Make sure that you get a good number of hours to sleep and if you are stressed, seek all the help you need.

Check the Ingredients

Sometimes, there can be supplements that claim to be natural. But then, when you check further, you can find some ingredients which may not prove to be so good for your health.

So, an important step when you choose a natural supplement for yourself is to have a good look at the ingredients.


While there is no perfect solution to the problem of low testosterone, experts are still on the way to finding out something to help.

We shall end on a note of caution. While it is alright to seek treatment if you suffer from low levels of testosterone, you must do that always and always on the advice of a doctor, leaving no room for error or chances of damage that can be irrevocable.

Taking androgens can be very harmful to women in their pregnancy or those breastfeeding, as it could harm the baby and themselves.

This is why one needs to be especially careful before treating themselves for this lack of testosterone.

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