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Fat Burners are (plant-based) products/foods that assist in burning excess fat in the body that may have resulted in being overweight or obese.

10 Common Ingredients Used in Fat Burners

There a lot of fat burners available in the market, making it hard to figure out the most effective and worth your budget. The fancy packaging and marketing ads can add to the confusion hence having a detailed understanding of the products is paramount. Below we have a list of some of the best food burners and the functions they play in our bodies to help burn fat.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is capable of increasing thermogenesis, which promotes weight loss because it contains capsaicinoids. A study done by Purdue University shows cayenne pepper brings down appetite. It is among the most top rated ingredient in supplements related to fat burners.

Other studies reveal that Capsaicin- a component responsible for giving chili peppers heat, is capable of reducing hunger and increasing energy expenditure, i.e., burning calories. It is recommended that red pepper be consumed in non-capsule because of the hot taste that causes sensations maximizes the digestive process.

The burn is said to be responsible of the robust effect contributing to raising body temperature, energy expenditure and also appetite control.

It has a spicy nature hence used as a cooking ingredient.

2. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea has a variety of benefits apart from aiding fat burning. It contains EGCG, which is a potent antioxidant known to boost body metabolism. Green Tea is known to reduce fat synthesis, increase fat breakdown, and increase glucose utilization.

A lot of fat burners’ supplements often use Green tea extract as an ingredient. It has become a popular hot drink too many because it provides a balanced and complete healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea is also a source of Caffeine; hence, it can be found in many supplements.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is familiar to most fat burners and hence consumed by millions globally as a natural tea or coffee. Caffeine is known to increase energy levels. Studies reveal that Caffeine is capable of growing caloric burn by 150 kcal daily.

Caffeine is a well-researched product hence included in many supplements of fat burners. On the other hand, it is good to take note on the level of caffeine intake from various products like supplements, Tea, and coffee to avoid overdoing it.

4. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is extracted from the root plant of a Konjac which is grown in Asia. Interestingly it is a fiber that when swallowed, tends to swell in the stomach hence making you feel full for most of the day. This results in losing weight because you eat less.

Glucomannan can be taken as a capsule still exhibiting the same results. It is also used as an ingredient in supplements for fat burners.

5. Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Beans are unroasted coffee beans which are green in color containing extremely high levels of Chlorogenic Acid. This acid is effective in activation and inhibition of fat metabolism in the body liver.

Green Coffee Bean is also found as the main ingredient is various supplements of food burners.

6. Vitamin B12 & B6

Vitamin B12 is generally an essential ingredient in food diet for overall good health. This component has several functions in the body system, and this includes reducing fatigue and tiredness in the body as well as contributing to a healthy body’s energy-yielding metabolism.

For the above reasons, Vitamin B12 has become a significant essential vitamin that is used in supplements used for food burners.

Vegan dieters are the greatest beneficiaries of Vitamin B12, and this is because the majority of human-made Vitamin B12 comes from vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin B6 additionally contributes to normal glycogen and protein metabolism and proper functioning in the nervous system. Vitamin B6 is also a significant added ingredient in both multivitamin and fat burners’ supplements.

7. Forskolin

Forskolin is known to work on stubborn adipose tissues. It does that by stimulating the release of fatty acids. The highest quality of Forskolin is known as Forslean. Compared to Placebo, Forskolin works by decreasing fat and increasing lean muscle mass in men that are obese.

A 12-week study was done to prove the effectiveness of Forskolin in reducing fat in people who were overweight.

8. HTP

HTP is an ingredient that is sourced from the African shrub known as Griffonia Simplicifolia. This shrub is known to immensely help to bring down appetite levels hence helping to fight unnecessary intake of calories.

A study carried out revealed that HTP helps control appetite in overweight women undergoing a weight loss program. The product was very well tolerated without any adverse effects in a period of 8 weeks.

9. Synephrine HCI

Synephrine HCI is gotten from citrus fruits. It’s an ingredient that has been tested and proven to help in boosting metabolism for increasing weight loss. Even though there has been a little controversy regarding this ingredient, various studies have proven it to be safe.

It successfully increases resting metabolic rate together with energy expenditure. Within a duration of six to twelve weeks of intake, a significant loss weight can be observed.

10. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are extracts from the raspberry fruit. They have become very popular in recent years with food burners. Study shows raspberry ketones can both metabolize and reduce fat accumulation.

Another study of Raspberry Ketones reveals they can be taken as herbal medicine because of their biological activities of altering the lipid metabolism in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.

In Conclusion, to achieve self-treatment of fat loss, one must be committed to joining a regime of weight loss by burning more calories than what you are consuming.

The regular intake of the above food burners guarantees effective results if accompanied by daily workouts and a healthy balanced diet.

However, it is prudent to find out the proper dosing to avoid overdoing it hence inviting other health problems.

Everything needs moderations and having an instructor that you can be accountable to, will ensure consistency and correct updated follow-ups of your progress.

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