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There has never been a time when being fit was easier- thanks to the multiple options available to cater to our health needs! The market is crowded with supplements, but which product is the most effective and suitable for you? Let’s read on to find more information on Prime Male, a testosterone-booster supplement, which is targeted to improve the health of older men.

Prime Male is has gained a huge fan base in the past few years owing to the positive results for its users. It lies on the premium and more expensive side of supplements since it contains top-quality and natural ingredients. Prime Male utilizes 12 ingredients, each of which is very well sought for among testosterone boosting supplement fanatics.

Prime Male comes with a number of benefits. It has claimed to boost libido, enhance cognitive function, promote prostate health, strengthen bones, elevate mood, and promote hair and skin health.

However, we should keep in mind that there is no ‘magic pill’ that is going to rid us of all our problems. It is recommended to combine it with positive lifestyle choices, healthy diet and sufficient exercise to obtain the best results.

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You Must Be Thinking That What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male Testimonials

Prime Male is a testosterone booster supplement that is targeted at older men to increase the level of the hormone. It is carefully formulated and created by the specialist supplements company Propura, who also make the female supplement Hourglass.

We found a prime fan base online flooded with positive reviews and minimal critics for this supplement. The product has found its way to the top 5% of testosterone booster supplements in the market. What is the craze all about?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and is also an anabolic steroid. Men usually experience a decline in the levels of testosterone after age 30. They turn to male enhancement formulas like Prime Male to restore their testosterone levels, and thus, their libido.

The official Prime Male website claims that using this supplement will help you to “enter a whole new reality” of better results. They even mention a 42% increase in testosterone levels after a mere 12 week period of consumption of the Prime Male supplement.

Prime Male is a supplement containing 12 essential nutrients – vital for the body of a man, aiming at increasing levels of testosterone in a completely natural way and without side effects. The company has successfully worked out a premium formula to bring together these nutrients. To make it even better, the product is caffeine free.

How To Use Prime Male?

The directions for use of the capsule are very easy to follow. It is recommended to take 4 capsules a day along with food or water for full benefit. This leads to an increase in the absorption rate of the capsule.

Every bottle of Prime Male contains 120 capsules. It will suffice for one month if you stick to the recommended dosage. Each serving provides 750 milligrams of ingredients.

Most of the supplements in the market are required to be taken multiple times in a day. That’s due to the small size of the capsule which does not contain the full amount necessary for the body. Various servings should be taken throughout the day to complete the dosage.

Prime Male is no exception. The company also encourages you to take the capsules four hours apart.

One of the benefits with this test booster is that it can be used long-term. It is allegedly natural and free of harmful synthetic ingredients. It is an FDA-approved supplement that is safe for usage.

The company does not provide a special diet plan and exercise routine to be followed with the supplement. However, it is recommended to work-out regularly and follow a healthy diet for best results.

What Are The Ingredients of Prime Male?

The company claims that the supplement is 100% natural. It deserves some credit for going against the trend and not using any proprietary blend in the supplement. This means that we’ve been clearly shown exactly what is in each capsule, along with the doses of each ingredient.

It is always advised that you stay away from supplements that use proprietary blends, as they mean that you don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient has been included in the supplement.

Let us focus on the main ingredients in the actual Prime Male formula:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid – This is our favorite and one of the most common ingredients in supplements of this type. Each daily serving of Prime Male contains 1600mg of D-Aspartic Acid.

Zinc – This is the one of the ‘manliest’ minerals out there. It is a critical building block for testosterone formation in the testes while simultaneously promoting testosterone production and release into the bloodstream.

Asian Red Ginseng – Asian red ginseng is often used to help with erectile dysfunction, impotence, low energy levels, and high stress levels. Each serving of Prime Male uses 120mg of Asian Red Ginseng per serving.

Nettle Root Extract – The American Botanical Council states, “nettle root inhibits the enzyme involved with the conversion of testosterone.” This is quite an odd herb, but research tells us it’s capable of blocking testosterone-estrogen converting enzymes and neutralizes SHBG. There appears to be some benefits to prostate and urinary tract health as well. Each serving of Prime Male uses 160m of Nettle Root Extract.


Luteolin – This is a solid inclusion in the formula. This botanical antioxidant supports better testosterone-estrogen ratio. Not only that, Luteolin is capable of being anti-estrogenic which complement’s D-AA-CC’s ability to raise all sex hormones. Prime Male uses 60mg per daily serving.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 assists the body by helping with the absorption and functioning of calcium. Your body produces this vitamin naturally when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It’s good to see it included in the Prime Male formula.


Magnesium – Magnesium is an essential mineral. A mineral found in common foods such as spinach, bananas, almonds, chard, black beans and yogurt. It’s important for the production of energy. In case you didn’t know Magnesium can contribute to normal protein synthesis and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin K2 – Vitamin K is naturally present in the testes and is thought to play a role in healthy testosterone levels. Sometimes called menaquinone, it is commonly found in fermented food. It may promote bone strength. This is another vitamin commonly found in supplements of this type. Each serving of Prime Male uses 45mcg per daily serving.

Mucuna Pruriens – Mucuna pruriens is used as a testosterone enhancer and libido booster. This is a plant extract often found in supplements in this category. Prime Male uses 300mg per daily serving.

Vitamin B6 – Another essential vitamin included in the Prime Male formula. B Vitamins in general play an important role in overall health. Vitamin B6 contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and the normal function of the nervous system. It contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism.

BioPerine – This is a patented form of black pepper extract. It’s commonly added to supplements of this type. This is one ingredient we consider top of the line and works in any supplement. What it does is makes ANY compound 10x more bioavailable regardless of dosage.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male has emerged to be the king of testosterone boosters in the past few years for a reason. The quality of the product can be given the credit for this achievement.

We literally like everything we hear about and see in Prime Male. The supplement has utilised premium forms of topnotch testosterone-boosting ingredients with systematic respective doses. Propura has invested a lot of money in the formula of their ‘Prime Male’ product and the widely obtained positive results are proof of that.

The one thing that especially stands out about the supplement is their D-AA-CC and BioPerine content. As was mentioned previously, D-AA-CC is one of most the perfect testosterone-boosting ingredients ever. Prime Male uses 1,600 mg of the same and it tells us they want their clients to feel its effects with just a few servings.

BioPerine, which acts as a bioavailability booster, multiplies D-AA-CC’s rate of absorption manifold which implies that almost everything is used up by the body.

The one drawback that we currently have is that the supplement has a very narrow market owing to the fact that they are just testosterone-boosters, which makes the product suitable to a very specific audience.

What Are The Benefits Received By Using Prime Male?

There has been a rapidly growing demand for the Prime Male supplement and it can be attributed to the following reasons:

Contains 12 ingredients: Prime Male uses a blend of twelve popular ingredients that are purely intended to increase testosterone levels. Not just that, the company does not use proprietary blends like most other supplements. The label clearly shows the doses of all the ingredients to avoid consumption by people with allergies.

Build lean muscle and shed excess weight: The supplement assists you to get stronger faster by building lean muscle. It also helps you lose weight, especially around the belly.

Support your goals: Combine the supplement to reach your with a healthy lifestyle, diet and a regular exercise regime.

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Achieve better cardiovascular health: Control your blood pressure by consuming this product.

Avoid insulin resistance: Your blood sugar can be regulated if the supplement is taken on a regular basis.

Overcome fatigue: The ingredients of the product are a sure shot way to increase your energy.

Boost your confidence and self-esteem: A healthy body is home to a happy mind. You enhanced looks will enable you to feel better and more confident.

Sharpen your mind: The excellent formula also works its magic on your brain and helps you enhance cognitive function.

Fully dosed serving: The correct dosage has been provided by the company to obtain top results. They recommend four easy-to-take capsules throughout the day.

Transparent formula: The product doesn’t contain any risky or banned ingredients. It claims to involve 100% natural and chemical free ingredients.

What Are The Side Effects of Prime Male?

Even though Prime Male is a 100% natural testosterone booster made up of premium ingredients to minimize side effects, there might still be a few.

Prime Male premium product is usually well-tolerated. This can be because they are made with proprietary or patented processes to target and eliminate side effects that are mostly associated with “plain” forms of boosters.

Our research shows that a few individuals find it difficult to tolerate even the most premium and natural ingredients. There may be various reasons behind it, however it may lead to headaches, acid reflux, diarrhea, upset stomach, mood swing and blood pressure changes. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before starting any supplements. You should also ensure to check the label to rule out all the allergies.

Is It A Scam?

After conducting our detailed research, taking into consideration the composition of the product and the benefits of the product, it is very unlikely to be a scam. The product has also shown a huge number of satisfactory results with no side effects (barring a few cases of mild character) which have been verified. It could be said that it is a “reliable and satisfactory” product worth a try.

Where To Buy It?

Prime Male Testosterone Booster can only be purchased from its official website worldwide and does not have any other sources online or in stores. It can be purchased in 1 of 3 ways:

  • 1-Month Supply (1 bottle, 120 capsules): $69, plus $7.95. Faster options are available for an additional charge.
  • 2-Month Supply: $138, plus free US/UK shipping.
  • 3-Month Supply (includes 4th bottle at no cost): $207, plus free worldwide shipping.
Prime Male Official Website

What Are Its Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy?

The Prime Male website mentions that the customer can avail a 90-day refund policy on the purchase of the supplement. However, the customer will be required to return the bottle even if it is completely empty. The Prime Male Shipping & Returns page mentions that, “Returning unused and unwanted items is easy. Just contact our customer support team here within 7 days of receiving your order. They will give you the appropriate address to return your item(s).”

The company has not provided a phone number for Prime Male’s customer service department. The customer will need to send an email to [email protected] or a message through their online contact form.

Final Words

Finally, should you consider taking the Prime Male capsules?

Prime Male is among the most demanded products for older men. We also like that this supplement is enriched with certain vitamins and minerals, and some boron, which have shown to elevate testosterone levels. It is also of immense help that the amount of each key ingredient is presented on the label.

If you are looking for the very best product available in the market (and do not mind paying a little extra for it), then Prime Male is one of your best choices. We think that this is one of the best products on the market for older guys who are looking to raise their testosterone levels and make a change.

However, it cannot be consumed by vegans and vegetarians since the supplement contains gelatin.

We believe that there is no ‘magic pill’ to rid you of your problems. It is recommended to combine it with the best lifestyle choices, a healthy diet and a strict exercise regime to get the best results. You must also remember to consult your physician before starting supplements of any kind.

We believe that Prime Male is an honest, natural and safe product which is worth a try.

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