12 Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that boosts sex drive in a man. Along with it, the hormone also affects the growth of hairs, production of sperms, and also provides health to bones and muscles. There are many reasons when men start losing this hormone.

One of the main factors is age and the other factors include diseases of various types like chronic illnesses, hypogonadism, and many others.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Level Naturally

There are different types of foods that increase testosterone naturally and people can have them at regular intervals.


1. Ginger: Ginger is being used as a medicine and in different cuisines for a long time. Many research has been conducted on the ginger which shown the result that it also has the property of increasing fertility in men. It has been estimated that people who take ginger regularly for three months will find an increase in their testosterone hormone.

2. Oysters: People can take oysters as it has a zinc supplement which helps in increasing the strength of sperms and also their quantity. Hypogonadism in men occurs due to a deficiency in the testosterone hormone. Zinc can also be found in red meat, poultry, nuts, beans. People must be aware that too much zinc is not good so take the food, which does not affect health due to extra zinc.


3. Pomegranate: Pomegranates are one of the oldest foods that have been used to increase testosterone hormone in men. The fruit has many antioxidants that help in reducing heart problems and stress levels. People who take the fruit or its juice for two weeks to a month will find the growth in the production of testosterone hormone. This will increase the production of testosterone up to 24%.

4. Fortified Plant Milk: One of the main nutrients that can increase the production of testosterone hormone in men is vitamin D. It has been estimated that taking the units of vitamin D per day can increase the production of the hormone and will increase muscle strength in men along with the sexual drive.

One of the best ways to get vitamin D is exposure to the sun. If it is a summer season, then having sunlight is not good as it can affect the health of the skin. In the winter season, men can sit in the sun for long hours and the body will absorb vitamin D. There are many plant milks that people can have to get vitamin D and these include the milk of almonds, hemp, soy, and many other plants. Other sources of vitamin D are milk, dairy products, orange juice, cereals, and many others.

Green Vegetables

5. Green vegetables, the leafy ones: Many leafy vegetables like spinach consist of magnesium, which is a mineral and helps in increasing the testosterone levels in men. The research conducted on magnesium has shown positive results. Some people were asked to take magnesium-rich dishes for four weeks and when they did this, the results were positive as there was a growth in the production of testosterone hormone. Other food items, which are rich in magnesium, include beans, lentils, nuts, whole grains, and many others.

6. Fish and fish oil: Fishes are a good food to increase the level of testosterone hormone especially the fatty ones. The fatty fishes consist of omega 3 fatty acids. Another way of getting these acids is to take fish oil or omega 3 supplements. The fishes and their oil increase the number and strength of semen and sperms. Some of the foods from which men can get omega-3 fatty acid include salmon, trout, herring, sardines, and many others.

7. Olive Oil: Olive oil is considered as very good food as it reduces heart problems and chances of cancer. The oil has vitamin E along with mono-saturated fats, which increases the levels of testosterone hormone.

8. Onions: There are many health benefits that people can get by taking onions. This food item reduces the chances of heart diseases and also helps people get rid of obesity. The other property of onions is to increase the levels of testosterone hormone. If people take the juice of onion for four weeks, they will find good results as the secretion of the hormone will increase.

Egg Yolks

9. Egg yolks: People who have a deficiency of vitamin D can eat egg yolks as they are the best source of vitamin D. The cholesterol present in the egg is not considered good but the yolks have more nutrients in comparison to egg whites. The cholesterol in the yolks helps in increasing the levels of testosterone hormone in the human body of males. People who do not have any cholesterol-related issues can eat the yolks.

10. Shellfish: Shellfish like crabs and lobsters are also helpful in increasing the levels of testosterone in men. People who like seafood can have them and they will gain muscle health and bone health along with a reduction in heart diseases.

11. Beef: Red meat like beef is a source of many diseases like cancer as it has much fat in comparison to white meat. There are some cuts in beef that may help in the levels of testosterone. One of these cut is the liver, which is rich in vitamin D. The other parts include ground meat and roasted meat, which is rich in zinc. People should not take beef daily but if they have to take, then these parts will bane the best.


12. Beans: Beans are very useful in increasing the hormone health of males. Black beans, white kidney, etc. are some of the beans that contain zinc, which increases the production of testosterone hormone. Baked beans are also a good source of vitamin D but to should be taken with some additional foods.

Foods And Drinks That Should Be Avoided

There are many and drinks foods that can lead to a decrease in the growth of hormones and the foods are:

  • Processed foods
  • Canned foods
  • Plastic packaged foods
  • Alcohol

Wrapping Up

These are some of the foods, which people can take in order to increase the production of testosterone hormone. This hormone increases muscle and bone strength and also reduces the chances of heart diseases and cancer.

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