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Losing weight is a challenge that so many of us struggle with. In America, obesity is an epidemic with many struggling with diabetes, hypertensions, and physical inactivity. As a result, many products are created to help with not only obesity in America but in many areas.

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One of those products is LeanBean. A formula – or rather a supplement – specifically designed to help women burn fat and solve weight issues. One of their spokesperson who is promoting the product is Pro surfer and model Bree Kleintop.

And needless to say, she does look great.

But though the ads tell us it burns fat, how can we be so sure about it?

Isn’t this just another hyped product that doesn’t solve anything?

Does this model even really use LeanBean?

Is this product a complete and utter scam?

Well today, we’ll be taking a look into LeanBean and figuring out what it’s all about.

Everything from the ingredients, to the benefits and effects, we’ll cover all the details here. We’ll even cover some other minor details like application, and how it’s designed to work.

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You Must Be Thinking That What Is LeanBean?

Leanbean Review

Before we dive into the details, the first thing to address is what exactly is this? How did it come to be?

To answer the first question, LeanBean is a supplement pill that will help women burn fat. Many call it a natural weight loss supplement.

All you do is take the pill four times a day with food. Ideally with a nutritionally balanced diet paired with a regular exercise routine.

So in other words, this pill won’t work if your plan is to take it and do nothing else. This isn’t a shortcut pill to weight loss. Instead this is a supplement (pun intended) to your weight loss progress.

The company behind this supplement is Ultimate Life. It’s a UK-based supplement company out of Leeds. There is little information about the company itself which suggests that this company is new to the market.

However, there are facilities where LeanBean is made. Those facilities being in the US and UK-certified facilities and can be delivered worldwide.

Currently the pill is only being sold through their official website.

How To Use LeanBean?

What I said above in terms of application is only the tip of the iceberg. Now that you know the gist of it, how do you use it?

To reiterate, we need to be taking these pills only if we exercise and have a nutritionally healthy diet. The pill won’t work as great if we deviate from that. But upon further research of LeanBean, there is more to it than that.

For one, it’s incredibly unique. After all, most supplements which LeanBean is in targets men. To have a pill that targets women specifically is refreshing. As such, the pills will have vastly different ingredients than the typical pills you’ll find on the shelves. After all, female biology is different than male biology. At least in terms to our bodies reacting to certain ingredients.

The ingredients in LeanBean is meant to burn fat by focusing on women’s appetite. This is why the company claims LeanBean is different than most. Not only to male weight loss supplements but even other women weight loss supplements. Because the ingredient list is more concerned about suppressing your appetite which results in burning fat.

Not only that, but the supplement also raises metabolism allowing you to burn more.

What Are The Ingredients of LeanBean?

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So how is all of that possible? All you have to do is turn to the ingredient list. In there, you’ll find plenty of appetite suppressing ingredients but also metabolism boosting. But what’s refreshing about it is the ingredients are handpicked to help avoid negative effects.

For example, the company avoids pure caffeine. It’s a great metabolism booster, but it does have its drawbacks. Instead, the company opts for Green Tea Extract, where the caffeine in that behaves differently.

Here is a summary of the ingredients and what they do:

Glucomannan – A super fiber derived from the root of an elephant Yam plant. Helps with appetite suppression and has also shown to reduce blood sugar levels after eating.

Green Tea Extract – An ingredient that contains two other ingredients: catechins and ECGG. Catechins helps in burning fat while ECGG causes the adipose cells to release fat. The caffeine in this ingredient is more of a stimulant, boosting stamina and energy.

Turmeric – Helps in raising body temperature and boosting metabolism, these ingredient also contains another active ingredient. This being curcumin, an anti-inflammatory and plays a roll in making brown fat cells.

Cayenne Pepper – Suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism.

Green Coffee – While you’d think there is the caffeine in this there isn’t. This is unroasted and unprocessed coffee beans. High in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid, this will reduce fat absorption, regulate and lower blood sugars.

Piperine – An extract of black pepper. Has been shown to disrupt formation of new white fat cells. It also compliments curcumin by boosting bioavailability.

Raspberry Ketones – Increases lipolysis, the breakdown of fat. Also helps in our bodies releasing adiponectin which is believed to help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Chromium Picolinate – An essential trace mineral that has shown to regulate blood glucose. Also boosts insulin signalling so our body uses glucose properly.

Garcinia Cambogia – High levels of hydroxicitric acid which disrupts specific enzymes that make fat cells in our body.

Acai Berry – High in fiber and fatty acids, this ingredient optimizes our digestive system.

Vitamins B6 & B12 – B Vitamins in general play a role in metabolizing carbohydrates and turns our blood sugar into fuel.

The ingredients listed have all been part of studies and research to determine their effects. So you know already that this list isn’t mashed together haphazardly. All of these ingredients have been shown to help with burning fat and suppressing appetite one way or another.

How Does LeanBean Work?

Going back to what I said above, the supplement is designed to burn fat and suppress appetite. And clearly from the ingredients, LeanBean can certainly do this.

But now that you understand the ingredients, I can delve a little deeper. Because it doesn’t just burn fat. It actually suppresses the formation of fat as well.

In other words, as long as you take the supplement as recommended, you can start to see some amazing effects. But do keep in mind of how powerful this supplement is.

As I mentioned above, this isn’t some shortcut supplement in the sense you’ll lose fat dramatically. If you look at the testimonials on the official website, you’ll find women losing 4 pounds per month. That amount is normal and a healthy weight loss for humans in general.

Generally speaking, a healthy weight loss per week is 1-2 pounds. On the higher end dropping 3-5 pounds per week is irregular.

So from the sounds of it, this supplement works the way that a traditional weight loss supplement should work.

But LeanBean is adding more value than the traditional supplements. Yes, it’s suppressing appetite, but it also disrupts fat production. This is key because it helps you to avoid the yo-yo effect. The yo-yo effect, in this case, is losing weight only to gain it back.

What Are The Benefits Received By Using LeanBean?

Leanbean Before After

But there are more benefits to taking this supplement. Yes, burning fat, hitting your health goals, and feeling satisfied is great. However the ingredients have some other things they can do. That in turn helps your body on the long-term.

The first benefit is overall better hormonal levels. Hormones are crucial in the weight loss process. Particularly estrogen and testosterone. You need a healthy balance of them.

And one way to do that is to have the right antioxidants which LeanBean happens to have. These antioxidants will work in removing toxins that would damage the balance between those hormones.

The second benefit is suppressing appetite in women. This is key because as I said before, female biology is different than male biology. In fact, clinical studies have shown women struggle a lot more with cravings compared to males.

In general, females have a tendency to overeat more than males as this study shows.

This is why so many ingredients suppress appetite because women desperately need it.

And the final benefits is a better metabolism. This is the benefit that allows you to burn fat. After all, health officials have said before the better the metabolism, the more you body can get rid of calories.

And calories do count a lot as any leftover gets converted to fat. So as long as you take this supplement regularly, you should be burning more calories.

What Are The Side Effects of LeanBean?

But like with all supplements there is side effects and drawbacks. Nothing is perfect unfortunately. And for LeanBean, that side effect is caffeine.

Make no mistake, the amount is incredibly minor. However, it can be troublesome to those who are sensitive to caffeine.

For most people, you will not get a jittery feeling from these supplements.

But if you are experience trouble sleeping, that means you’re caffeine sensitive. And in that case, you might want to talk to your doctor about this.

Furthermore, there are warning labels for those who are pregnant or planning to to avoid this supplement.

Is It A Scam?

The short answer is no.

As I mentioned above, the ingredients that this supplement has is all backed by science. Since there is a creditable source, the chances this is a scam is non-existent.

Furthermore looking at the testimonials as well as the posts on Instagram show genuine people. What this tells us is that it’s not another over-hyped product. Creditable science proves it works and so do people.

Where Do I Buy It?

A word of warning though with Amazon and GNC. While you can go there, you may end up paying more money for it. Furthermore you may get a counterfeit product.

It’s also worth noting now that the price is steep for a supplement like this. You’ll only start to save money if you plan to buy in bulk. According to the official website, here are their current offers:

  • One Month’s Supply – 1 bottle: $59.00 (Shipping and Handling vary)
  • Two Month’s Supply – 2 bottles: $118.00 (FREE Shipping US and UK)
  • The Bikini Body Bundle – 3 bottles + 1 bottle FREE + FREE e-book workout guide: $185.00 (FREE Shipping Worldwide) | TOTAL SAVINGS:$51.00.
Leanbean Official Website

What Are Its Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy?

But while the price is certainly steeper than most, there is a full refund policy put in place. And it’s a pretty solid one according to their site.

As a starter, you can return the supplements within 7 days upon receiving them if the bottle is still intact. So if you spot anything fishy with the bottle, you can return it easily.

On top of that, their money back guarantee lasts for a full 90 days. It’s incredible because you can buy The Bikini Body Bundle and try them out with little to no financial risk.

Try it out for 3 months and if you’re not happy, you’ll be refunded in full. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Final Words

To summarize, this supplement is no miracle worker but it is a supplement many are looking for. The reviews of this product are mainly positive. Plus the ingredients have science on their side.

However, there are a few glaring issues.

For one, some of those ingredients aren’t as researched as others. These fad ingredients feel like they’re just there and don’t work at all. On top of that, there are no percentages of how much these ingredients take up.

The second issue is the price. It’s a little too high when you compare to other similar supplements. Furthermore, the refund policy applies only to those who buy 3 months supply.

The final is that the official website is the only reliable website you can get this. This puts supply into question as Ultimate Life can only make so much so fast. And there are no other distributors.

Don’t get me wrong though, this supplement does hold promise. The reviews and results of people are genuine. But these glaring issues can be enough for some people not to buy it.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you’ll buy this product or not in the comments below.

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