12 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Your favorite dress is getting unfit and you are observing your body getting on an unwelcomed amount of fat, your best friends wedding ceremony is approaching next month and thoughts like posing yourself as a non-smart third-wheeler in those lifetime memorable pictures haunts you. We know most probably you are going through likes of such situation and that’s why you are right here! But no worries, we have got your back.

When it comes to weight loss exercises, the options are in a variety, however, we have chosen those with quickest result because we know you are very eager to flaunt your Summer body. These exercises are safest even for an individual who has never worked out before, and on the same time, increase your heart rate, your metabolism runny and calories burning on pace.

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The 12 Best Exercises for Weight Loss Torch Some Serious Calories

Some people want to shed additional fat from certain part of their body that they find undesirable so they do partial exercises for that particular part. Anyhow, we list for you those workout patterns that involve and active your whole body, thus resulting in toning and shaping your entire figure into an embodiment of perfection, and when carried out regularly altogether, you can accomplish your weight loss goal within 30 days or even lesser.

1. Warm-Up

Warm Up

This is where your workout must start from which you must never skip. You cannot just begin working out with running and jumping and squatting like nothing. Warming up saves you from injuries by preparing muscles and veins and joints loosened up following the blood circulation and gradually increasing heart rate. For that, you can begin with gently stretching your tensed body parts.

Perform High knee twists and knee forward-backward bends respectively for around 20 times followed by Side bends (10 times each side) and ending up with bar hanging that involve your entire muscles and pressure them on one point thus preparing your body for a hectic physical activity.

2. Pull-Ups

Although, it might be difficult to do this in beginning, if you manage to perform a few times without much straining your arms, it can prove fruitful for your arms, back and core muscles.

3. Jumping Jacks

Practice it at least 30 times, this sort is mightily healthy for enhancing flexibility and toning muscles, maintaining a sound heart and energizing metabolism since it involves the entire body.

4. Running and Jogging

These are incredible ways of quickly bringing yourself on pace. They aids burning fats and improving immunity with regard to abdominal pressures meanwhile, freshens breathing muscles, tones legs and thighs and strengthens toes and ankles. Start jogging on slow pace for short time and increase the speed and timings gradually. Must wait after it for 20 sec before moving to the next step.

5. Bridge

Bridge Exercise

This helps shedding off hip fat and strengthening hamstrings without putting pressure not only on the lower back muscles but even vanishing the pain at the very spot if present any. Repeat for 20 times ideally.

6. Reach-Through Crunches

By repeating reach through exercises at least 18-20 times, you can improve your fitness rapidly since it helps muscle flexibility that leads to ability to workout more. It also fastens metabolic rate, thus, preventing weight gain.

7. Squat

Everyone knows about squats’ productivity. Either it’s about strengthening stamina, burning fats calories by racing metabolism and fastening hormone release, squat is your go-to exercise.

8. Donkey Kicks

These steps lead to toning your gluteus, shoulders and core. If done properly, they add greatly to maintaining a smart shape.

9. Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber Exercise

We cannot emphasize enough on the fruitfulness of this cardio exercise regarding weight loss. This sets your entire body scorching with warm breaths and throbbing heartbeat, resulting in burning fats, and extreme blood circulation, thus, you get entire body workout with just one exercise.

10. Plank Jacks

This is another brilliant cardio activity that impacts your abdominal area, arms, chest, shoulders, lower back, and core. It may be hard but try holding a plank for at least 50-60 seconds for quick results.

11. Swimming

Yes, even a fun hobby can cause your dream weight loss to realize into the reality. Continuously swimming for an hour burns around 750 calories since it involves your full body free movement that exceptionally activates your muscle movement and circulation of blood.

12. Knee Push Ups

Although, push-ups solely cannot put enough impact, when performed with the above sets of exercises, they add greatly to the calorie loss and metabolic raise and body strength.

But before you begin, give yourself a holy reminder that an ideal weight loss challenge does not revolve around exercises only but include relevant healthy diet and sound mind with the ambitious will to achieve the goal.

Consistency is the key while you must ditch your relationship with the comfort zone and temptations leading you to the cheat days. But also beware of going overboard, blown away by your weight loss craze, especially in the beginning of your workout course since the body tissues are naturally very sensitive and might tear part on preliminary cruel pressure.

Take brief pauses of few seconds between straining steps. Before actually physically gearing up, you must also be clear about what sort of body you are obsessed with, in case you might like avoiding becoming too slim with your everyone’s favorite chubby cheeks having disappeared into your skin deep, so you must know first what complex or easy level of dietary plans and workout patterns to follow accordingly by setting priorities forehand.

You must also be patient to dedicate at least 6 hours every week to the cause religiously. Stay hydrated, chew slowly and don’t starve yourself since your body is already working too much, it needs lots of energy as well. Learn strong quotations for motivating yourself through, every day.

After you have well taken the above essentials into consideration, get all set to roar like a workout freak.

Best of luck!

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