8 Amazing Essential Oils For Sore Throat

The first question that arises in your mind “what is a sore throat?

It is a type of pain or annoyance in the throat that may create a problem during swallowing. The underlying cause may be an infection .It may not be an infection and other reasons may be due to the intake of hot or spicy food, hyperacidity and low water consumption.

Uses of essential oils are a good approach that may make you feel comfortable. It may also vanish without the use of medicines. It may occur anytime and any season. The throat problems may intensify during swallowing of food.

The throat or the pharynx is actually a tube. Some such symptoms may be caused due to allergies. The prototypical remedies include proper diet, adequate rest and plenty of fluid intakes. The fluids may be fruit juice, water or tea. Green tea is one of the best liquids to boost the immune system. Gargling with simple salt water is an incredible home remedy for sore throat.

Essential oils play an amazing role in the treatment of sore throat. Let me give you some information about essential oils.

Top 8 Essential Oils For Sore Throat

1. Lemon oil

It is a powerful agent for sore throat. It is derived from the skin of the lemon. Lemon is high in vitamin C. The oil has strong anti-bacterial effects and is very effective for sore throat. Vitamin C is very powerful for common cough and cold. It boosts the immune system and acts as a guard against the destructive pathogens. It has anti-inflammatory properties and cures throat pain and irritation. It is a great healer in such cases.

2. Eucalyptus oil

The oil helps to remove the source of the irritation and pain. Eucalyptus oil has the power to prevent the action of microorganisms in the respiration process including the throat. The oil improves the condition of painful throat, hoarseness and other respiratory symptoms.

Researches prove that the essential oil has strong anti-bacterial activities. The tree is originally found in Australia but the precious plant is cultivated throughout the world. Like other essential oils the main components of the oil is 1,8-cineole and eucalyptol. According to researches eucalyptus has been shown to have strong anti-bacterial function against sore throat and other respiratory ailments. It is used to prepare antibiotics.

3. Peppermint oil

The oil is a popular essential oil for treating throat problems. The main component here is menthol Peppermint has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and other medicinal benefits. It has soothing properties. Peppermint is available in as lozenges, rubs and syrups. You can take the peppermint oil in several ways. Mix the peppermint oil with carrier oil and rub on the exterior skin of the throat. You can mix a drop of essential oil to tea and have it.

4. Clove oil

It has pain relieving features. Living with a sore throat and tolerating the pain is not at all recommended. This oil boosts the immunity. It can combat cough and cold. Clove oil is extracted from the clove plant. The oil is a natural healer and never takes it in large amount as that may lead to stomach aches. The clove oil acts as an expectorant and it helps to get rid of itchy feeling of the throat. It removes toxins also. It works fine for dry and recurrent cough.

5. Thyme oil

Thyme is an aromatic herb. The herb has dietary and medicinal benefits. The most common type of the herb is Thymus vulgaris. People use thyme oil for sore throat purpose. The oil vis diluted with a carrier oil and can be used in several respiratory troubles. It helps to cure hoarseness, tonsillitis and coughs. It is used as an ingredient in mouthwashes. It is a superb essential oil.

6. Basil oil

The leaves and seeds of the herb have medicinal benefits. In India it is used in ayurvedic medicines. The oil helps to cure throat problems as it has strong ant-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

7. Rosemary oil

Rosemary is a woody herb with aromatic leaves. It belongs to the mint family. It has several medicinal benefits. It enhances the immune system. The leaves are processed to prepare the oil which is very much beneficial for sore throat.

8. Sage oil

The plant is used for medicinal purpose and the plant belongs to the mint family. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the herb salvia officinalis. It has strong fragrance and so used in small amount. Apart from used in sore throat problems it is loaded with antioxidants. It treats dental problems, mouth ulcers and also reduces blood glucose levels.

Common Features of Essential Oils

  • It is considered as ‘chemical weapon’ of plants.
  • It is received by distillation or mechanical processes.
  • It is combined with carrier oil and made ready for use.
  • It is the essence of the plant and contains useful chemicals.
  • It is used as a main ingredient for aromatherapy.

Procedure To Use Essential Oils For Sore Throat

One of the superb ways of using is by the procedure of aromatic remedial treatment and inhalation process. In this procedure the plant based essential oils are burnt in the surroundings and inhalation of the air helps to cure the throat problems. It helps to revamp mood and relieve stress. Rubbing the oils into your chest can reduce the sore throat or lower the respiratory problems.

Oral Use

Before taking it orally see that it is safe for oral case. You can add a drop of essential oil to water, tea or juice. You can also place a drop of the diluted oil beneath the tongue.

Essential oils and sore throat easily get along together. They are an excellent remedy for sore throat. There are many other essential oils and they are so comforting and soothing. You can try any one of the oils whenever you have a sore throat. You are miraculously relieved of this scratchy and painful sore throat.

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