Best Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast

One of my all-time favorite comics is Robin Williams.

During one of his usual routines–where he talks about men, women and the differences, he drops one of the hilarious punchlines:

“The problem is, God gave the man a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time.”

I tried to deny it at first–Duhhh; some of us are different than that. We are not all about the penis. Except, it steers a significant portion of your personality and how you see yourself.

We as humans have come along a long way, from worrying about where to get the next meal, how to deal with calamities to how we look and feel. The modern man is image-conscious and, we are continually being influenced to fine-tune our different avatars. In such a world, worries from one part start creating ripples into our day-to-day lives.

Penis matters a lot to men. Not only biologically, but psychologically as well. It plays a very central role in how you view your masculinity. There’s, in fact, a multi-million dollar industry built around enhancing the penis.

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What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Who doesn’t want a longer, fulfilling sexual pleasure? Every couple loves to spend a lot of time on the bed. But the male gets tired too soon. Till a woman reaches her pinnacle of getting excited, her partner starts ejaculating. This is frustrating.

With regular repetition of the same incident can create cracks in any relationship. Hence, having male enhancement pills can help. Some of the medicines also ensure a long-lasting effect for the sex mongers. If taking 3-4 tablets a day can save your sexual life and your relationship, what’s the problem in that!

But with lots of products out there, you may get frustrated choosing the one for your use. Now, advertisements are very misleading. They will show you the bright side of the picture. But sometimes, this is not the right thing!

You have to know all the ingredients available in these medicines. Sometimes, you may be allergic to some of these ingredients. So understanding them beforehand will help you choose the one for your use. Here, we have prepared a list along with active ingredients, essential reviews, and critical features of each popular medicine out there. We hope that this helps you!

The 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast 2023

Lots of medicines are out there. Everyone is claiming that they are offering natural ingredients in their products, which is not feasible. Here we have a list of top 5 medicines that you can consume without any hesitation. They are all-natural, so no side effects will take place.

Here’s the list:

1. Male Extra

Male Extra Review

If you want to perform well in your bedroom, this medicine can help you. For a wonderful result, you need to go for extensive use. The all-natural capsule should be taken with a glass full of water. There are no added precautions that you should maintain. Blood circulation in some men is not up to the mark.

Hence the erection quality is not right in them. This medicine comes with a wonderful formula where the makers have prepared a solution that will help such men having no erection problem. Besides solving their erectile problem, this medicine will also help them make their male part bigger and firmer.

Every medicine needs some time to work correctly. So the person needs to consume the capsule regularly for better results. This medicine is powerful. It consists of potent ingredients that can help a person improve his erectile problems.

To get the most out of the medication, one needs to follow the full course. It is advised to consume three capsules a day. With each capsule, the person needs to have a full glass of water. As this is powerful medicine, it is not recommended to consume this in an empty stomach. You can consume a pill with a full meal. So take a pill with three main meals of the day!

Key features:
  • This medicine solves all your erectile problems.
  • This ensures that the male part of your body gets firm and healthy for more extended sexual pleasure.
  • This also makes sure that your male part gets longer with the regular use of medicine.
Active ingredients:
  • L Arginine HCL: This is an amino acid. This helps the blood vessels to relax. Once the blood vessels start relaxing, more blood flow will take place in the body.
  • Ellagic acid: This active ingredient also helps more blood flow in the male part. This also helps your male part to stay firm and robust.
  • L Methionine: This ingredient stops producing Histamine. Hence, the duration of sex becomes longer.
  • MSM: MSM keeps you secure and healthy. When you are consuming this, your health stays okay. So, you can handle more sex when your health allows you to do so!
  • Cordyceps: This active mineral helps to regulate your libido.
  • Besides all of these, Zinc and Niacin are also two active and essential ingredients of this product.

2. VigRX Plus

VigRX Review

Sexual problems are very irritating. These result in a lot of trouble in the happy paradise of many. Hence, lots of medicines are there that will help the male counterparts to strengthen their genital parts.

VigRX Plus is the better version of VigRX for men. This is a medicine that has been in use for ages. For people troubling from sexual problems, this is a one-stop solution. Some people also take this as a standard medicine for all the sexual issues. This is the reach of the drug, and this is how much everyone loves this.

This particular product is 100% natural. All the ingredients used here are natural. All the ingredients and products are prepared, tested, and trialed properly. Indeed, some people cannot visit the doctors as they shy away from the problems that they face. For such instances, this review is publishing. You do not need a doctor now.

The medicine is thoroughly tested and tried with amazing results. You can consume it without any hesitation. If you have any kind of disease where you are consuming medicine, you can contact your doctor and ask him whether you can intake this med.

Key feature:
  • The composition is fantastic. Each dosage is fully curated, keeping the problems in mind.
  • If bought in larger quantities, significant discounts are offered.
  • Any person above 18 can use this product.
  • Prepared with all-natural ingredients and tested successfully.
  • It can provide a long-lasting erection.
  • It will improve the girth.
  • Money-Back guarantees offered for 67 days.
  • Long-lasting performance assured.
  • The user can control ejaculation.
Active ingredients:
  • Epimedium leaf extract: Heard about ‘Horny goat weed’? Well, that is the main ingredient of this medicine. As the name suggests, this will convert you into a horny animal.
  • Hawthorn Berry: Again, this ingredient helps blood flow in your system. This will ensure that you can continue your work for longer hours.
  • Asian Red Ginseng: This root helps your penis to erect big. This will also increase the blood flow to the penis.
  • Catuaba bark extract: This will help you to relax. At the same time, this will lessen your physical fatigue. This will ensure that you stay active for more hours.

3. Max Performer

Max Performer Review

This is the flagship product offered by an innovative company. The stress out there ensures that you do not get enough energy and efficiency to run regular sexual intercourse with your partner. This results in unwanted problems between couples.

You thus always need to look for medicines prepared with natural ingredients. If you are facing issues with less libido, or if your stamina is not helping you out, this is the one you should go for. You should go for this particular product that increases your body’s strength and boosts energy and stamina during sexual intercourse.

As the name suggests, this particular product offers impressive results. This is a blend of 12 wonderful ingredients. You can anytime choose this medicine for better performances in the bed. The drug is not available in offline stores like Walmart or others.

You can get them anytime over online buying platforms. Try procuring your pack from there. Some websites offer counterfeit versions of the medicine. Always try buying it from the site of the makers only. This will ensure that you will end up buying the regular, natural, and original product only.

You can get one time to buy from the website, or you can go for the monthly subscriptions as well. Among all options choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Only then start ordering the medicine.

Key features:
  • This is top-notched male enhancement medicine, and it is available across the globe.
  • This can be used by any man above the age of 18 years.
  • This is readily available on the online buying websites and the website of the makers as well.
  • Real results and testimonials of users are available on the site. It is advised to go through the testimonials before using the product.
  • This is 100% safe to use, and there will be no consequences.
  • All-natural ingredients are used in this particular product. You should not worry before using it.
  • No side effects will take place as it is tested.
  • This product comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee. If your product fails to impress you, the company will give your money back to you!
  • The customer support from the company’s end is impressive.
Active Ingredients:
  • Cordyceps: Available in the Himalayan ranges of Asia, this is a mushroom that grows on the larvae of some insects. It infuses energy in the body by forming ATP in the body.
  • This medicine includes Zinc, Iron, Selenium, and essential Vitamins like B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. These all are important and necessary ingredients. They increase the flow of hormones in the body.
  • Korean Red Ginseng: This particular ingredient is available in Asia. It is effective in improving the libido count in a male body.

4. Extenze

ExtenZe Review

As the name suggests, this medicine helps in penetrative sex and helps to better your erectile dysfunctions. The drug is an all-natural one and is available across the world. Different issues can ignite ED problems in men.

They may have intimacy issues or anxiety, stress, relationship problems, abuses, abnormal sexual assaults, and what not! With the increasing age, the ED symptoms will also increase in men.

Researchers and scientists that came up with this particular medicine have shown that it is useful to handle ED issues, and most of the ingredients are enough to handle these problems.

Lots of medicines are out there that do not include proper ingredients. If some of these ingredients are used in more quantity, the person may face long life issues. The issues can consist of mental and physical ones. But, this medicine makes sure that all the ingredients are put in the proper quantity.

All the quantitative measures are correctly taken. The makers claim that they use all-natural ingredients, and these are pretty helpful in achieving what is desired in this case.

Key features:
  • It includes pregnenolone, which is known for its performance, increasing features.
  • The active ingredient includes DHEA, which is also a dynamic performance increasing agent and can be explained as a weed.
  • It is not harmful at all. If you are not taking any advice from the doctor, you can start making it in smaller doses.
  • It will work wonderfully if you quit smoking.
  • It will work like magic if you stop consuming alcohol.
Active Ingredient:
  • Horny goat weed: This is a popular ingredient that will increase blood flow in the body. This will ensure that PDE5 flow in the body stops, as this reduces the typical workflow of the penis.
  • L Arginine: This is a useful amino acid that enhances the working capacity of the human body. This ensures that natural blood flow takes place in the human penis. This amino acid breaks into a gas named nitric oxide. This gas provides that natural blood flow to the human penis takes place. So, next time you consume this, you won’t feel tired.
  • Zinc: Zinc, along with a little bit of magnesium, is suitable for male health. It increases the testosterone counts in your body. So, your body can handle more sexual drives without feeling fatigued.
  • Pregnenolone: This active ingredient alone ensures that your body gets enough hormones required for sexual drive. This is effective and known for its beautiful results across the world.

5. Viasil

Viasil Review

This is an all-natural active medicine available out there. Most of the younger couples love this one. That proves the effectiveness of this product.

The younger ones need more extended sexual pleasure. So they look for medicines that help them get that. This particular medicine is perfect in this case. It does add any kind of special effects to the body. It just allows the body to perform its tasks properly. It helps you to better your sexual intercourse.

It will offer you the energy to continue your regular sexual course for longer hours. This particular medicine has all the natural ingredients, which is why the present generation is in love with it.

When a sexual erection is not done correctly, the effects will not stay for long. The whole process is vascular. So, the person needs to relax a lot while having sex or before starting the process.

The erection of nitric oxide and Adenosine Triphosphate is essential to have a healthier and longer sexual pleasure. Viasil helps the human body to erect these super crucial amino acids and gases.

These are going to help the body have more sexual desire. This will increase the blood flow to the penis without increasing the blood pressure of the body. So, an all-natural product ensures that you can enjoy your time without any abrupt interjections.

Key features:
  • This helps to reduce the PDE 5 in the body with the Epimedium brevicornum.
  • It includes Zinc, which will help the male body get most hormones to work properly.
  • The production of Adenosine Triphosphate is necessary in this case, and this medicine helps a lot in that.
  • A Swiss lab research certificate is available for the drug. That proves the worth of it.
  • It offers free shipping across the world.
  • With a purchase of two packs, a pack of medicine is open. With an investment of three packages, two packs are free!
Active ingredients:
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This root from the time of imperial China is very famous across the world. This is proven to give long-lasting results in most of the men out there.
  • Ginseng extracts: The red excerpts are also very famous in the field of male enhancement pills. This helps increase the blood flow to the penis and activates sexual pleasure in men.
  • Zinc: Another active and essential ingredient. This will ensure that all the hormones active in the male body should work correctly. If any of them doesn’t work in time, this agent will not let that happen!

The Must-Have Ingredients in the Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

Now that you know how vital these enhancement pills are for you, you must be wondering what the active ingredients are! Well, these medicines are made with all-natural ingredients.

Sometimes, the scientists prepare medicine from the bark of a tree; sometimes, it can be roots, flowers, flower buds, branches, seeds, leaves, and what not! Here are the most essential and unusual active ingredients you should look out for;

L Arginine HCL: This is an active amino acid found in the human body. This is an essential ingredient and helps in vasodilation. The human body helps this amino acid convert into a nitric oxide, which is a gas. This gas helps the blood vessels to relax.

The more these blood vessels will relax, the more blood flow takes place into them. More blood flow helps the penis to grow naturally. Hence this active ingredient is efficient enough for the user. Blood pressure will not increase, but automatic blood flow will take place in the body for sure.

Epimedium leaf extract: This is an active ingredient for most of the enhancement pills. This is a weed available in some parts of the Himalayas. This active ingredient ensures that the user gets a beautiful result out of it. You can have sex and never get tired out of it once you are consuming this particular product.

These branches include an agent named; Icariin. This active ingredient helps more blood flow in the veins. This is also known as ‘Horny Goat Weed.’ It also helps nitric oxide to reach all the remote parts of the penis for better results and excellent blood flow.

MSM: MSM or the Methyl Sulphonyl Methane is another active ingredient and found in most of the enhancement pills out there. This is another form of Sulphur, and it allows the body to stay strong and healthy even after a long and tiresome sexual phase. It helps to circulate blood flow in the body properly. It helps the body to sustain for longer sexual drives.

The human body depends on this ingredient, as this is a cell regenerator. So, it helps to grow healthy cells in a human body, and that is the reason this is one of the essential ingredients of these medicines.

Asian Red Ginseng: The Red Ginseng root is very popular in China. It has been used for several decades. Lots of people love using this, as this is proven as an excellent aphrodisiac.

Again, this root helps to stimulate nitric oxide in the human body. So, when you are stressed and do not have the zest for sex, this particular ingredient can change your mind within a few minutes.

Just consume medicine that includes this specific ingredient, and you will feel energized all over again. It also protects the body tissues and blood vessels from any kind of incoming danger.

Ginkgo Biloba: Another active ingredient present in most of the enhancement pills. This was very popular in imperial China. This active ingredient removes free radicals from your body and helps you to relax. This also works directly on the brain and the nervous system. This counters stress wonderfully.

If a person faces any type of pressure and has problems with it, this particular ingredient helps you to relax. The flow of nitric oxide in the body will help it to relax and have sex with equal enthu.

Besides all of these, several other ingredients are used in different medicines. The main target point is to relax. The more your body will relax, the more you can take an active part in the sexual drive.

So, always look for medicines that include beautiful ingredients that help you to stay calm, anxiety-free, and productive all day long.


Every human body is different in some or the other way. You have to accept a few things and you can better a few things as well. Try to consult a doctor before consuming these pills.

Though all of them are prepared with natural ingredients, you should always consult a doctor. Sometimes our body is allergic to even natural ingredients, and sometimes our body is not ready for any new parts. So to be on the safe side, one should always try consulting a doctor.

A proper medication with regular and timely consumption of the medicine will help you to better your health conditions and help you to perform wonderfully in the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do Male Enhancement Pills work?

Yes, they work mostly. As mentioned earlier, since it is made up of plants and herbals, effects are usually slow. And at times, very negligible. It doesn’t work like traditional medicines unless you go for Viagra-like tablets.

If you are fit and healthy and active in your life, the medicine will work like magic. You must exercises every day to make sure that your med works. It will take some time. So you have to be patient and continue taking your medicine correctly.

You must not miss the medication schedule and do not consume more or less amount of water with each dose. Some medicines come with different instructions. You need to follow them as well for better results. In older people, these medicines do not show prompt results. So, they need to consult a doctor before consuming the drug.

  • Who needs male enhancement pills?

People facing problems with erectile dysfunctions need such medicines. If you encounter any kind of issues during your sexual drive, you should start consuming the drug. If you do not have any other diseases and under any other medication, you can go for this one.

In case of any other conditions, you need to consult a doctor before consuming these medicines. If your penis cannot sustain performing for a more extended period, you can consume the drug.

If you think you are not up to the mark and cannot make your partner happy, the medicine is for you. If your penis feels saggy after a few minutes of sex, you should start consuming these medicines.

  • Male enhancement pills boost your stamina?

Out of all the other alternatives, which involves using tools and procedures to boost your size and shape, pills instead they work inside-out. Making them a safer and viable option.

Male Enhancement Pills offers a range of herbal products which aims to boost your sexual performance. But unlike other medication in the form of tablets and pills, they aren’t proven to work in the same way.

As they are herbal products, they are usually a mixture of plants and plant extracts, along with various other supplements mixed. Manufacturers claim different tablets can help in different ways: some to increase the size of the penis and some to work on performance-related issues like erectile dysfunction.

Since they are made of herbal products, they are sold over the top counters and on the internet as well. And one usually doesn’t require any prescriptions to get them.

There are also pills which are made specifically to target conditions like Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Tablets such as viagra, Cialis, and tadalafil can help boost his performance within a span of some time and gives good returns. But these tablets require a prescription from the doctor. (Viagra has also launched Viagra connect which can be bought over the counter without seeing a doctor first).

  • Can they give you side effects?

Although there are no apparent side effects, it still gives room for some significant problems.

Companies that make and produce these male enhancement pills claim that they don’t give you any side-effects since they are made up of herbal products and not any type of real medications.

But this same ambiguity opens up room for side-effects to kick in. Like how the effects of the pills are not properly researched and documented, on the same lines, the side-effects haven’t been figured out.

Second, as a producer, you can’t produce pills without using some medicinal items to bind them together. Add to that they usually don’t require to conform to any regulations which give you a composition you have no idea.

Third, for usual medications, you usually prefer to do the doctor who has an idea about the right proportions of medicine for you to take in. With male enhancement pills, you have no idea in what amount you are taking it in and whether it is lethal or not.

  • Can they increase penis size?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Male enhancement pills won’t be able to increase your penis size than what it is at its erect state.

However, if you are not able to achieve the perfect erect state, it might help you to do the same, i.e., it can help you greatly when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

To increase the size, one can look for more options like Penis Pumps and Surgery, although both of them host their own set of risks.

  • How do Male Enhancement Pills work?

These days we all are pretty much stressed and anxious. These two new best friends are not suitable for our health. So we need something that helps our blood vessels to relax a bit. Most of the male enhancement pills include active ingredients.

These active ingredients start working the very moment you gobble the medicine in. These ingredients work directly on the nervous system of the person. The parts will help you to relax. It will start sending more blood flow in the vessels.

Now, the person can perform for longer hours without getting tired or irritated. Some ingredients have other functions as well. Go through them and find the ones that are suitable for you.

  • What Is The Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill?

Lots of male enhancement pills are there in the market. But if you are looking for the topmost sold product in the market, we would suggest you Male Extra. This is an all-natural product. This doesn’t have any kind of side effects.

Most of the doctors recommend this one. People across the globe use this. It includes some essential ingredients like MSM, L Arginine HCL, Ellagic Acid, etc. These are potent ingredients that ensure you a reasonable, betterment of your sexual life.

No matter how stressed you are, this capsule provides you an incredible sexual drive and a fulfilling session for sure. These ingredients were popular in imperial China, and now they are available for your use.

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