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One of my all-time favorite comics is Robin Williams.

During one of his usual routines–where he talks about men, women and the differences, he drops one of the hilarious punchlines:

“The problem is, God gave the man a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time.”

I tried to deny it at first–Duhhh; some of us are different than that. We are not all about the penis. Except, it steers a significant portion of your personality and how you see yourself.

We as humans have come along a long way, from worrying about where to get the next meal, how to deal with calamities to how we look and feel. The modern man is image-conscious and, we are continually being influenced to fine-tune our different avatars. In such a world, worries from one part start creating ripples into our day-to-day lives.

Penis matters a lot to men. Not only biologically, but psychologically as well. It plays a very central role in how you view your masculinity. There’s, in fact, a multi-million dollar industry built around enhancing the penis.

It is a Big Deal?

A study from 2015, including 378 male military personnel who were content with their sexual self-image had lower levels of sexual anxiety, which in turn leads to better performance. While on the flip side, the military personnel who were not satisfied with their self-image on sexual aspects were more anxiety performance.

The anxiety of any kind is unwanted, no matter what type they are. If it can get into the minds of military personnel–not many are spared from its anxiety.

But the first step to working out your anxiety is to acknowledge and know some facts straight up.

What’s the standard size?

In social psychology, there’s an exciting concept called Illusory Superiority.

According to Wikipedia:

In the field of social psychology, illusory superiority is a condition of cognitive bias wherein a person overestimates their qualities and abilities, in relation to the same qualities and abilities of other persons.

Except when it comes to Penises, men usually have no idea about the average size. Marketers and the entire penis enhancement industry has made millions out of this ambiguity. Advertisers and even the Porn Industry would like you to believe that bigger size leads to better performance.

But it might not be so.

According to Mayo Clinic, if your penis is 5-inch when erect, you come under the average category. It’s only if your penis size is less than 3 inch, it is medically abnormal. This condition is also known as micro-penis.

So all-in-all it’s all a marketing strategy to sell your insecurity to yourself.

But what if you still want to increase your size?

Male Enhancement Pills Boost Your Stamina

Out of all the other alternatives, which involves using tools and procedures to boost your size and shape, pills instead they work inside-out. Making them a safer and viable option.

Male Enhancement Pills offers a range of herbal products which aims to boost your sexual performance. But unlike other medication in the form of tablets and pills, they aren’t proven to work in the same way.

As they are herbal products, they are usually a mixture of plants and plant extracts, along with various other supplements mixed. Manufacturers claim different tablets can help in different ways: some to increase the size of the penis and some to work on performance-related issues like erectile dysfunction.

Since they are made of herbal products, they are sold over the top counters and on the internet as well. And one usually doesn’t require any prescriptions to get them.

There are also pills which are made specifically to target conditions like Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Tablets such as viagra, Cialis, and tadalafil can help boost his performance within a span of some time and gives good returns. But these tablets require a prescription from the doctor. (Viagra has also launched Viagra connect which can be bought over the counter without seeing a doctor first).

Do They Really Work?

As mentioned earlier, since it is made up of plants and herbals, effects are usually slow. And at times, very negligible. It doesn’t work like traditional medicines unless you go for Viagra-like tablets.

Since they aren’t treated as regular medicines, they don’t have to go through regulations like other medicines usually have to. This regulation-deficiency gives a room enough for bringing a host of side-effects, but then that’s the catch-22 with using male enhancement pills.

One study proposed that the pills don’t work as they are intended to; instead, they work through a placebo effect. That is, it works in real life because you believe that it is working.

Can they give you side effects?

Although there are no apparent side effects, it still gives room for some significant problems.

Companies that make and produce these male enhancement pills claim that they don’t give you any side-effects since they are made up of herbal products and not any type of real medications.

  • But this same ambiguity opens up room for side-effects to kick in. Like how the effects of the pills are not properly researched and documented, on the same lines, the side-effects haven’t been figured out.
  • Second, as a producer, you can’t produce pills without using some medicinal items to bind them together. Add to that they usually don’t require to conform to any regulations which give you a composition you have no idea.
  • Third, for usual medications, you usually prefer to do the doctor who has an idea about the right proportions of medicine for you to take in. With male enhancement pills, you have no idea in what amount you are taking it in and whether it is lethal or not.

Can they Increase Penis Size?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Male enhancement pills won’t be able to increase your penis size than what it is at its erect state.

However, if you are not able to achieve the perfect erect state, it might help you to do the same, i.e., it can help you greatly when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

To increase the size, one can look for more options like Penis Pumps and Surgery, although both of them host their own set of risks.

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