8 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners: Sequences and Tips

Yoga is a wonderful combination of physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

It was originated in India and now the whole world is following it for health and peace. By practicing yoga one can become happy as well as healthy from the core. It is an old discipline which our ancestral breathing, exercise, and meditation techniques.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Weightloss as yoga practice will fuel the metabolic system and will help burn fat, leading to weight loss.
  • Improves flexibility as it stretches your muscles and tone the body.
  • Increases your energy
  • Reducing stress
  • Better health as yoga combines cardio, functional and strength exercises.
  • Improves concentration as the process of observing your breath calms your mind and makes you mentally relaxed.

The 8 Most Important Yoga Poses (Asanas) for Beginners

For the beginner it is very important that the yoga is done under expert supervision, as yoga includes breathing techniques, stretching techniques and the combination helps your body.

However, if there is any pain or problem in the body one has to be mindful before starting. Here are a few points which should be taken care before you start your yoga:

  • Choose your space – this can be any of your room, or a garden, however, should be clutter-free, and at least seven feet square
  • Buy a yoga mat before you start
  • Schedule your time – go ahead and plan a weekly schedule and decide when will you do your yoga and for how long. Missing your yoga are of high chances if you do your yoga at home. So be diligent
  • Now start but be gentle with yourself and accept where you are every step of the way. As said by a professional, Your mind and your body are united as you flow through the poses. Connect with your breath and experience the incredible realm of yoga, flow, and connection
  • Start with Om. And now here are a few asanas for the beginners

1. Downward Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana

  • Start by keeping your hands under shoulder and knees under your hips
  • Spread hands wide and press your index finger and thumb on the mat
  • Lift the tailbone and press your butt up and back, pulling it towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your legs straight and press your heels on the floor.
  • Your head should be between your arms and facing your knees
  • Your back should be flat
  • Hold for 3 -5 breaths

2. Mountain Pose/ Tadasana

  • Stand straight with your feet together, shoulders should be relaxed, and weight evenly distributed on your both the soles. Arms on the side
  • Take a deep breath and raise the hands overhead slowly
  • Palms should be facing each other with arms straight
  • Reach up towards the ceiling with your fingertips

3. Warrior II/Virabhadrasana II

  • Stand with both your legs 3 – 4 feet apart, turn right foot 90 degrees and left in slightly
  • Bring your hands on the hips and relax the shoulders,
  • Extend arms out to the sides and palms facing down
  • Bend your right knees at 90 degrees, keeping knee over the ankle
  • Gaze our over right hand. Stay like this for a minute
  • Then Switch sides and repeat.

4. Tree Pose / Vriksasana

  • Start with the mountain pose and your toes together with heels slightly apart
  • Get your right foot to the inner thigh of the left leg
  • Squeeze your inner thigh and feet together in a way that the knee of your right leg is turned out and your right thigh is facing down to the ground at 45 degrees
  • Once you are balanced, lift your hands to prayer position in front of your chest or overhead whichever is comfortable for you
  • Keep your look focused on a fixed point in front
  • Hold this for 2 – 4 breaths and switch sides.

5. Triangle Pose/ Trikonasana

  • Extend arms outside, and bend over your right leg.
  • Stand with the feet apart, toes on your right foot turned out to 90 degrees and left foot to 45 degrees
  • Let your right hand touch the floor and rest on your right leg
  • Extend your fingertips of your left hand towards the ceiling
  • Turn your look towards the ceiling and hold for 3 – 5 breathes
  • Stand and repeat with the other side.

6. Crescent lunge/ Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  • Take one step forward with left leg to start in a spread out way
  • Bend your front knee and keep the back leg straight and heel lifted off the floor
  • Try and bend the front leg so that your tigh is parallel to the floor
  • Square your hips towards the front
  • Extend the arms towards the ceiling on either side of your head and stretch as you press into the mat
  • Hold for 2 – 4 breaths and repeat on another side.

7. Plank Pose/ Kumbhakasana

  • Start on all fours, and knees under your hips and hands flat on the floor underneath the shoulders
  • Now you are on your toes and hands with your body forming one line
  • Keep your palms on the floor, hands shoulder wide and shoulder directly above your wrists
  • Keep your neck and spine neutral and look down on the mat
  • Hold it for 2 – 4 breaths

8. Low Plank/Chaturanga Dandasana

  • Start with the Plank Pose with your palms flat on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders on your wrists, legs extended, and core engaged
  • Now slowly lower to a low plank by bending the elbows, and keeping them tucked in close to the body. Your elbows should be now 90 degrees
  • Hold it for a breath

There are multiple more yoga asanas which can be started along with this, however, we should suggest go slow with these and keep adding 1 / 2 in a week once your practice the earlier ones perfectly. Combine these moves and achieve a perfect beginner’s flow.

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