Lavender Oil: Uses and Benefits

Skin issues? Body pain? Mood swings? If you are one of the many who hastily opt for a commercial solution, this little bunch of learning may be for you.

Isn’t it amazing to be reminded that nature is always there for our quick needs?

We need only to discover it. Well, one of these is the essential oils. They are extracted from plants through the different processes so it is 100% natural and depending on what brand we use, they are pure and effective.

One of these wonderful oils is what we’ll talk about. Read further and prepare yourself to be stunned.

If in doubt, use lavender oil

A simple sentence that weighs lavender oil’s countless uses. Yes, lavender oil: that flowery, herbaceous oil in the wide array of your liquid essentials. Dubbed as “Swiss Army Knife” of oils, lavender oil is the most versatile and blendable among essential oils. Steam distilled from lavender flowers, these prove that these flowers are more than just a pretty purple plant in the field.

The oil obtained from this distillation/process can be your go-to oil of all time. From head to toe, it’s not an overstatement to say that lavender can cure-all.

Lavender oil for the skin

One of the most common skin problems is acne. Men or women, from puberty to adult ages, all are prone to this condition. And let’s be honest, the red spots on your face can drag your confidence down. Thank goodness, lavender oil is just around the corner.

Known for its gentle but potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil is the natural remedy for acne. Its healing properties are also backed by the oil’s regenerative properties. Over consistent usage, lavender oil can heal acne and helps reduce redness, the appearance of scars or hyperpigmentations.

“On personal experience, lavender oil is researched to be generally safe-therefore, it can be used ‘neat’ or directly. But for safety concerns, it may be more advisable to use it mixed with a carrier oil (I prefer Sunflower oil). You may try to apply this oil twice daily on the specific area of concern or as part of your face serum/moisturizer. You may also incorporate this to your daily toner (witch hazel spiked with lavender oil). A great reminder would be lavender oil is magnificent but does not perform magic overnight. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!”

Another worthy to mention is this oil’s ability to fight dry skin- and we know that dryness accentuates wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks thanks to its being full of antioxidants, are manageable. Psoriasis, eczema and diaper rash are few cases curable credited to its antifungal property.

Lavender oil is also effective in our daily and frequent bruises, blisters or even mosquito bites! It is an anti-infectious and anticoagulant oil too in addition to its long list of properties. Even burns are soothed by its cooling effect.

Lavender oil for pain management

Lavender oil is also a popular analgesic besides from its long list of unbelievable properties. Aside from its anti-inflammatory ability mentioned earlier, it helps relieve pain through its flowery aroma.

Cuts and wounds are not a worry anymore, because lavender oil prevents them from worsening. Bleeding and inflaming are controlled.

It is proven through personal experience, that lavender oil eases migraines and other physical stress. A long-time user of a generic headache medicine converted to using this oil both applied and inhaled. Since then, her liver has rested from pharmaceutical pills.

Another testimony is its immediate effect on sore muscles. Whether the condition is intentional or unintentional, the response to this oil is the same. Another possible use of this oil is for arthritis. Joint problems are relaxed because of its antispasmodic properties.

The oil may be applied topically, but works great as well through aromatherapy. Frequent diffusing of this oil is very soothing.

Lavender oil as a mood enhancer

First and foremost, lavender is renowned for its sedative scent. A drop or two of the flower’s oil is enough to calm our body system in general.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day, and it is impressive to note that lavender oil affects sleep beautifully. Mixed with other essential oils that promote sleep, lavender is a natural sleep inducer. The effect of oil is also proven to lessen anxiety thus promotes peace.

May I also share another incident testifying its calming effect. That is when I battle with acne through the help of none other than- LAVENDER OIL. The scent of the lavender oil I inhaled after applying it neatly on a pimple near my nose was enough to knock down an insomniac like me. Few minutes and I enjoy cloud nine.

One time too, after exercise my body reacted negatively. But no worries, a drop of this oil on my sore body part, diffusion of this oil so I can inhale aromatically and voila! The pain is gone.

Despite for tranquility, do not underestimate lavender oil’s power to encourage focus. It boosts alertness. The herbaceous scent blends well with other oils (especially citrus oils) to heighten focus. The amazing ability of this oil mixed with citrus oils that create a happy ambiance is remarkable too. Citrus oils alone are enough to boost mood but when mixed with lavender oil creates an even more special aroma of fun and consciousness.

The unique properties of lavender oil are just endless along with multiple uses. One may assume that these properties are exaggerated but mind you it is very real-personally experienced and certified.

Lavender oil is your natural game changer for almost all problems in our body. Use it with your favorite moisturizer, lotion or solo. No need to worry about using this oil accidentally, because it finds its own way to benefit other parts anyway.

So, where should we run first in case of a sudden unwanted condition? Drug store? Instead of automatically reaching out for your over-the-counter quick fix, try natural heaven’s gift. Your choice.

BONUS: Lavender oil gives off a wonderful, clean smell when mixed with Lemon oil so diffuse it at home now.

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