Is Juuling Bad For You? Facts and Dangers of Juuling

Juuling is the use of a device designed like a vaporizer or an e-cigarette which heats up the contents inside it to produce a vapor that can be inhaled. Generally, oils are stored inside cartridges in the device. Some of these devices are also designed to pass off as other objects in order to avoid being detected. They can be as small as a flash drive or an eraser.

In the beginning, these devices were manufactured with the aim of helping people quit smoking. They have since evolved considerably and now accommodate different substances as well as flavors. As they are very handy and can be used by anybody without being detected easily, their popularity has grown multifold since its invention in 2007. This, however, has caused increasing concern on its ill effects and long term health concerns, as it has gained popularity not just among adults but among teenagers as well.

Dangers of Juuling

Juuls seem to have an immediate advantage over ordinary cigarettes as it does not contain tobacco. Hence people seem to think they can avoid cancer by using these devices. However, studies have found that these devices can only reduce the risk of cancer but not eliminate the risk completely. In addition, these devices have caused various respiratory and lung disorders among continuous users.

On the long run, the effects of this usage can also catch up to that of normal smokers. Juuls often contain the same amount of chemicals as a pack of cigarettes. This could be significant if you compare a puff from a device as opposed to a puff from a cigarette. Though this could give one the feeling of smoking less, much more satisfaction, it could actually be many times more harmful. Though its controlled usage can help reduce your urges to smoke, it can very easily contribute to a new addiction of its own. Though Julling can be better than smoking in some ways, what one should aim at must be quitting the practice completely and becoming independent of substance use. However, using Juuls seems to alter the brain’s chemistry, making it highly dependant on the nicotine intake.

The usage of Juuls has increased significantly over the years among the masses. The main cause for this increase stems from the fact that these Juuls are available for purchase quite easily at convenience stores as well as websites online, making it difficult to verify who is using these products. This has lead to a considerable increase in the number of teenagers who have started using these devices covertly. This population is even more prone to health damage as their organs are still in developmental stages. Abuse of these substances in the early years of teenage is said to cause irreversible lung damage. As Juuls cannot be easily detected, they often lead to exposing teenagers and their peers to very high levels of exposure to nicotine.

Facts about Juuling you should know

  • Juuls contain chemicals such as diacetyl and menthol which are life-threatening and cause various lung diseases.
  • Juuls can be so convenient to use as they can be plugged into a laptop’s USB slot to recharge.
  • The concentration of nicotine in JUUL is more than twice the amount found in other e-cigarettes.
  • In addition to the lungs, Juuls also have the capacity to affect the human brain and restrict it from functioning properly.
  • Usage of Juuls before being exposed to smoking is said to cause even more severe addictions to cigarettes at later stages.
  • Juuling is 7 times more popular than it was a decade ago, especially since its ill effects are not discussed.
  • Juuling can make your lungs weak, and hence more susceptive to infection from various viruses and bacteria.
  • There have been some cases where the devices have exploded while being used, and hence caused severe burns on the face and hands burns and even larger fires.

The Takeaway

Usage of any substance when not regulated is harmful to the human body. Companies that produce and market Juuling products will only show you the plus side. There is undoubtedly a minor plus to using Juuls over conventional cigarettes for people who have been struggling with a sever tobacco addiction. This does not warrant the extended use of these products or the abuse of it in any way.

Governments and institutions around the world are trying to implement regulation mechanisms to the use of Juuls and curb its use among teenagers. When patients are diagnosed with lung and breathing disorders such as asthma or lung damage, root cause inquiries need to be conducted to check if Juuling could be a potential cause. Manufacturing of Juuling devices masked as other utilities must be discouraged so that regulating its use can be further facilitated.

Hence the best way is to reach out experts in the area of substance addiction and put yourself on a proper de-addiction program. If the program uses a controlled and monitored the usage of Juuling devices, it can lead to a positive and freeing experience where you could learn to live a clean life which can empower and facilitate all your victories.

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