How to Increase Breast Size (Naturally & Food and Diet)

How to Increase Breast Size

The size of the breast is determined by the genetic makeup, living style, and overall body weight.

It is quite difficult to increase breast size after the complete growth of the body. But it is an impossible task to perform.

There are hundreds of ways by which the size of the breasts can be increased.

How To Increase Your Breast Size Naturally?

Increase your breast size by Workout

Increase your breast size by Workout

Exercise is the easiest way to increase your breast size and give a beautiful shape to your figure. Those exercises should be followed that focus on pectorals, shoulders, arms, and back. Such exercises help to make you stronger and active with the enhancement of your breast.

Push-ups: Push-ups are not only useful for triceps but also help in reinforcing the pectoral muscles that are situated underneath the breasts. At first, you may perform this activity somewhat tiring, so begin with 2 to 3 sets of ten push-ups within a day and increase the number of sets as your body become used to of this workout.

How to perform: Get into the inverted position and solidly place your hands on the ground, directly under the shoulders. Keeping your back straight, bring your body towards the ground. Ensure that your stomach must not contact the floor. Push back up. if you find it difficult to perform, you can attach your knees with the floor until you learn to follow the actual steps.

Crunches: Crunches are done to remove the excessive belly fats and it also makes the muscles stronger. Once your belly comes in proper shape, it will start increasing the size of breasts ultimately.

How to perform: Lie on your back with your knees twisted and feet should level on the floor. Spot your hands under your head. Lift your shoulders and upper back away from the ground. You eyes ought to be set towards the roof. Breathe out as you come up, hold for a second and breathe in when you come back to the first position.

Wall ups: Wall-ups is the alternative way of push-ups for those women who are unable to perform push-ups. Wall-ups strengthen the muscles and tone your chest shape with its enlargement.

How to perform: Remain standing before a wall and lift your arms to the shoulder level. Solidly place your palms on the wall and push off it until your arms are in an outstretched position with elbows bowed. Return to the first positions. At first, attempt four sets multiple times each.

Chest press with dumbbells: This is the most effective exercise to make your breasts firm and uplifted and it also increases breast size. You must select those dumbbells to which you can easily hold, lift and use.

How to perform: Lie on a seat with a free weight in each hand. Your feet ought to be firmly set on the floor. Drive the free weights up such that your arms are straightforwardly over the shoulders and palms up. Take the dumbbells back to the shoulder level and repeat these steps.

Chest contracting exercise: This activity is perhaps the best sort of breast building exercises and it is focused on isometric contractions.

How to perform: Hold a towel before you. Your arms ought to be extended up before your chest. Each hand should grasp one end of the towel. Then, pull the two ends of the towel at the same time, away from one another. While doing the activity, contract your chest muscles.

How To Increase Breast Size With Foods?

How To Increase Breast Size With Foods?

Diet plays an important role in the development of the body. Where breasts size is concerned, it requires complete nourishment for their enlargement.

Milk: Intake of milk adds to the development of breast tissues. Cow’s milk has enriched estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. These hormones are required for the production of milk in females that ultimately increase breast size.

Green vegetables: For bigger boobs, Use green vegetables in your everyday diet commonly. These vegetables are an important source of iron and calcium which is needed for the proper development of breast cells.

Generally, green vegetables are not containing phytoestrogens that help in expanding breast tissues, but these vegetables are useful for maintaining the shape of your breast accurately. Green vegetables prevent the production of the male hormone testosterone in females and allow other female’s hormone to produce in a considerable amount that will help to increase body mass and breasts size will also increase.

Nuts: High in monosaturated fats, nuts are a good source of nutrients that will help to increase the size of breasts.

Soy: Soy contains phytoestrogens; this is the hormone that is involved in breast development. Soy also contains isoflavones, which battles against free radicals and disease cells that may develop in breast tissues.

Many other food items like flax seeds, fenugreek, and fennel seed can be used for the development of breasts.

How To Increase Breast Size Artificially?

How To Increase Breast Size Artificially?

Makeup: Use contouring for increasing the cleavage and beauty bones area. This will help you to make your breasts look larger even without any treatment and side effects.

Padded bras: You can use padded bras of best suitable size that will help to give your breast a bigger look. It will tone your breast shape and you can use it without any harmful effect on your body.

Creams and supplements: There are many pharmaceutical drugs available in the market to increase breast size. You can use different creams that will enhance your breasts. You can east different supplements but make sure that these tablets and creams are not affecting your health. It is best to visit a doctor and use prescribed medicines.

Injections: Injections are the fillers that will increase the size of breasts after 2 or 3 sessions. The injections are quite expensive and also cause harmful effects over the natural functioning of the breasts. Consult your doctor before making any such decision.

Surgery: Surgery involves the external cut under the breast and implantation of silicone pad within the body but the major drawback of this treatment is that the pad inserted will slip from its original place. This cause multiple complications and health issues.

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