How to Gain Weight Naturally + 10 Bonus Tips

Many people are obese or overweight in the USA. Studies have stated that there people that are too skinny or underweight. This is up to the point that they are obese. Being under is as bad as being overweight. Sometimes people struggle to gain weight and muscle, but they keep losing weight.

Today we will be looking at how to gain weight. Boys and girls don’t keep eating McDonald’s burgers until you puke.

What Does Underweight Mean?

It is being underweight means having a body mass index or (BMI) below 18.5. This means there is not enough body mass to sustain optimal health.

If the BMI is over 25, then the person is categorized as obese. Being underweight is more common in girls and women in the USA compared to men.

Health Consequences of Being Underweight

Obesity is the leading health problems across the globe. Being underweight is also bad for health. According to a study, if a woman is skinny, she can risk having an earlier death. The percentage is higher compared to men.

Being underweight can impair your immune function. It also increases your rate of getting infections and even cause fertility problems. This might become an issue to women that want to have children but cannot get pregnant.

Things That Causes Someone To Be Underweight

Eating disorders like anorexia can cause the person to become very thin. People suffering from thyroid also increases the metabolism causing unhealthy weight loss. Another type of disease-causing patients to be underweight is celiac disease. People that have celiac disease have a gluten intolerance, and most people do not know about it. The last one is cancer. Tumours in the cancer patient burn many calories and cause the person to lose a lot of weight.

How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way

When you want to gain weight, do it the right way. If you are underweight, you need to get a balance of muscle mass and healthy fat instead of unhealthy fat.

So, it is imperative to eat healthy food and get a healthy lifestyle: work, exercise and sleep. If your body is not responding well, it is time to reanalyze yourself — time to start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat More Calories Than Your Body Absorbs

To increase weight you need to have a higher calorie intake than your body burns. This means that you need to eat more than your body needs. You can get a calorie calculator from the Google Play Store or IOS store. You will also need to eat and sleep as well.

If you want to gain weight the steady way, aim for 500 calories more than the average intake. This has to be a daily intake on the calorie calculator. If you want to gain weight fast, you need to eat 1000 calories above your maintenance level.

2. Consume More Protein

The most important nutrient for gaining weight the healthy way is to eat more protein. Muscles consist of protein, and if you don’t have extra flesh calories turn into unhealthy fat. Protein can make you full after consumption. This makes the calories harder to get in.

For gaining weight, you need to take 1.5gram of protein per kilogram. You can also overshoot this boundary if you want to gain weight.

Fish, eggs and nuts are high-protein foods and should be consumed in the everyday diet. You can also consume supplements like whey protein if you can’t get enough protein in your diet.

3. Eat Plenty of Carbs and Fat

Many people cut down their carbs when they want to lose weight. Now we are trying to gain weight, so cutting down carbs is a bad idea.

It is also not a good idea to do intermittent fasting. People do fasting when they are trying to cut down weight, but not when they need to gain weight. Also, make sure to eat three meals a day with snacks to gain weight. Your diet should consist of fats, carbs and protein.

4. Eat Energy-Dense Foods

It is important to eat whole ingredient foods. These foods fill you up and make calories harder to enter your system, but using spices and sauces; you can do it. These foods can help you to gain weight as much as possible.

Energy-dense foods include nuts, dried fruit and full cream dairy product. Other meals are plant oils, grains, meats and chocolates. Even after you have completed your meals, you need to force yourself to keep eating to maintain or increase your weight.

Having a balanced diet of energy-dense foods is crucial in gaining weight.

10 More Tips On Increasing Weight

  1. Do not drink water before you start your meals. Water will make you full, thus making the calories harder to enter the body.
  2. Eat more between meals. Squeeze in snacks or supper before going to bed.
  3. Drink milk before you sleep. Aside in aiding you to get a good night’s sleep, a glass of full cream milk has lots of proteins in it with lots of calories.
  4. Experiment on weight gainer shakers. These are very high in proteins and carbs. You can get them from the shopping mall.
  5. Use larger plates. Smaller plates will make the food look more, and thus the person eating it can lose weight. If it is a larger plate, there will be more food in it, thus increasing the number of calories.
  6. Put cream into your morning coffee. This will aid you in gaining weight as there is more calorie intake.
  7. Take some muscle building supplements. It will aid you in gaining a few pounds in muscle weight.
  8. Make sure to get a decent night’s rest. Sleeping well is essential for muscles to grow.
  9. Eat proteins first and vegetables last. Eat the calorie-dense foods first, then eat the veggies last.
  10. It is not easy to lose weight, but for people with high metabolic rates, it is also not easy for them to gain weight. Make sure to eat more protein and carbs, sleep more and exercise. More gym will promote better sleep as it reduces stress. Consult a dietician and a personal trainer for more advice on how to gain weight.
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