5 Surprising Home Remedies for Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

Is your acne giving you nightmares?

Are you facing a hard time getting rid of the scars they leave behind?

Are you afraid of using cosmetic, artificial products that might spoil your skin?

Well, say goodbye to all such worries, for we bring to you today some awesome and easy to follow home remedies to get rid of those unruly pimples in a natural way!

5 Powerful Home Remedies for Acne

1. A few drops of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Caused by bacterial action, P-acne can be an eye sore and cause discomfort at the same time. While many might prescribe the use of 5% benzoyl peroxide, this over the counter medication can be a bit harsh, especially if you are someone with acne on sensitive skin.

A surprisingly cool alternative of this is Tea tree oil. If you want to prevent your skin from the harshness and treat acne at the same time, tea tree oil is your best option. The oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which effectively fight against skin acne.

How to apply Tea Tree Oil

A simple way to apply tea tree oil to treat acne is to use a mixture of this oil with witch hazel. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to about 40 drops of witch hazel. Mix the amalgam well and apply it over the affected area by means of a cotton swab.

Within a matter of weeks, you will see a beautiful glowing skin free of any acne monsters! However, be careful not to apply the mixture more than twice in a day. Over application of the potion can aggravate your acne by drying the skin. An ultimate Nightmare!

2. Aloe Vera Gel to the rescue

Aloe Vera

No one can deny the amazingly numerous health benefits Aloe Vera has to offer. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that this magical plant can treat acne too! Not only does it get rid of the demon, but also prohibits it from coming back making you live in peace.

The gel contains nutrients that heal, relieve burns, fight infections and reduce scars, in other words, it’s a multi-purpose elixir.

How to apply Aloe Vera Gel

If you are a lazy person with acne, then this home remedy for acne is your best option. All you have to do is to pluck an aloe leaf, cut it in the centre, spoon off the gel and apply it over the affected area. And BAM you are done.

You can also extract and store the gel in a jar and keep it in a refrigerator for later use. It can last up to a week. This remedy is my personal favourite as it does not require much effort plus, the aloe keeps my skin fresh and hydrated apart from fighting acne.

3. Easy peasy LEMON squeezy

lemon Juice

This summer apart from enjoying a lemon in your drink, try applying it on your skin and see the magic. Lemon has exfoliating properties which effectively fights off acne, at the same time its disinfecting action prevents it from coming back.

The cool thing about his home remedy is that you don’t need to specially visit the market for lemons, you can simply steal some from the groceries you bought earlier and you are done!

How to apply Lemon juice

All you need to do is to extract the lemon juice and dab some cotton into it. Use the lemon laden cotton to apply the juice to the acne. Wash your face after a couple of minutes and walla! Apart from fighting off acne, the lemon juice also lightens your skin tone.

Plus instead of extracting lemon juice on every application, you can extract juice and store in a jar and freeze it. Melt it down whenever required.

Remember this is a home remedy so you might not see instant results, nevertheless, in a matter of weeks, you will definitely see improvements without any side effects.

4. Oh my sweetest Honey


The next home remedy for acne on our list makes use of Honey to fight off acne monsters. The honey treatment has been used for many years now to treat acne and this can be very well regarded as a medieval time remedy, spooky huh?

The antioxidants in honey remove dirt particles from your clogged pores and help your skin to breathe. This remedy to remove acne, works better than the application of retinoids, continue reading below to know how to use honey to fight the stubborn pimples.

How to Apply Honey

Depending on your motivation level, you can use honey to treat acne in a number of ways.

If you don’t like putting in the effort, apply honey as it is on the skin and wash it off after like 15 minutes. However, if you do have time at your hands, try making a honey mask and pamper yourself. Mix half a cup of honey to a full cup of crushed plain oatmeal. Apply it on your face and let it rest for 30 minutes. Wash it off to get a sweet glowing skin!

5. Let’s have some Green Tea

Green Tea

Who would have thought that green tea will fight off acne, at least I didn’t? The miracle tea has polyphenol antioxidants which break down waste and chemicals which harm the healthy cells.

If you particularly have oily skin, then it is more prone to acne than normal skin type. Often times such people tend to have lower levels of antioxidants which inevitably leads to pimples. With antioxidants, green tea helps in the breakdown of these chemicals and cleans up pores preventing acne to develop in the first place.

How to use Green Tea

Let’s have a tea party!!!! You can ward off the acne, by simply having a cup a day. If not up for drinking you can also apply it directly to your skin.

For the direct application you need, to cool down the tea and use it as a face wash. Another way is to apply the tea bags of this herbal tea directly on the infected area for a few minutes. Additionally, if you want to get rid of blackheads in addition to the acne, you can use the green tea extracts.

However, do remember these extracts are not easily available as green tea itself. You might find them online or at certain health stores.


Now that you know some nifty home remedies to ward off acne, feel free from any absurd nightmares of acne that might haunt you. But I will like to point out that apart from these remedies, your lifestyle and eating habits also play a major role in determining your skin health.

Staying hydrated, eating healthy and of course taking proper sleep are some basic yet extremely essential things we often lack upon due to one reason or another. Take care of these factors and you will definitely see some positive glow to your skin. Plus you can always try out these cool remedies in any case and stay beautiful like you are.

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