Green Tea: Health Benefits & Side Effects

Looking for a coffee substitute?

Whether you are looking for a substitute for your favorite early morning cup of coffee or lunch-time soda, knowing all there is to know about the health benefits of green tea will go a long way towards keeping you in tiptop health.

There are so many ways to prepare green tea, you can even use it as a substitute for your pre-workout energy drink by adding ice and a sweetener. You might be surprised at all your new-found energy just by making this one alteration.

With all the benefits tea has to offer, it comes as no surprised that is the second-most consumed beverage worldwide. Originally from China, many countries now manufacture and produce green tea.

What Are The Benefits Received By Using Green Tea?

What makes green tea different from black and oolong teas is that the buds and leaves of the green tea plant camellia sinensis do not go through the same oxidation and withering process. Thus, you get a fresher, less-processed tea every time you pour yourself a cup. The fact that it goes through less processing means you get more health benefits from this tea variety than any other.

Of course, drinking catechin-rich green tea alone is not going to protect you from disease. You need to consider your genes and your lifestyle. This means you need to eat a healthy diet, become more active and quite smoking. Drinking a cup of tea per day will enhance a healthy lifestyle in more than just a few ways. Here are the health benefits and side-effects of green tea:

  • Reduce The Risk of Alzheimer’s In Old Age

Green tea protects your brain from Alzheimer’s as you age. In human beings, the most common brain disease that leads to dementia is Alzheimer’s. When neurons in your brain stop producing dopamine, the results is usually Alzheimer’s. Green tea contains compounds of catechins that protect your neurons. This has the potential of lowering your risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

  • Improve Your Body’s Fat Burning Capability With Green Tea

Green tea boosts your rate of metabolism and increases the way your body burns fat. After drinking a cup of green tea, your body’s energy expenditure increases. There is also an increase in the oxidation of fat which makes this a great pre-workout drink. Serious gym-rats know that they can improve productivity in the gym after drinking a cup or two of green tea.

  • Increase Your Intelligence With Green Tea

Green tea contains enough caffeine to keep you awake without the jitters you get from coffee. The caffeine in green tea blocks Adenosine, an inhibiting brain transmitter. This results in your brain being able to concentrate more as neurons are fired. This process is not unlike what happens in the presence of norepinephrine and dopamine. Aside from caffeine, green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that crosses the blood and brain barriers. Caffeine plus L-theanine in green tea also improves memory, reaction time, vigilance and improves your mood.

You will notice an all-around improvement in the way your mind functions as you drink more and more green tea. The best part is that compared to drinking just coffee, drinking green tea causes you to be more productive with stable energy. You don’t get the same jittery buzz that you do with coffee.

  • Anti-Aging

Green tea is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which is great for both your mind and body. By weight, it contains thirty percent poly-phenols. As a matter of fact, green tea has the most potent antioxidant components compared to all current antioxidants known to man.

In particular, it contains the EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate which is a catechin-type antioxidant which increases the turnover of cells and thus, fights pimples. This substance also quells inflammation as it inhibits oxidative stress. The way it works is that the body causes byproducts called free-radicals that cause tissue damage. Antioxidants deactivate free radicals by binding themselves to them before any harm is caused.

  • Green Tea Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

There are a lot of polyphenols in green tea. These are a type of bioflavinoid known to have anti-cancer properties. In green tea, many of the polyphenols are classified as catechins. Aside from being naturally anti-oxidant in nature, catechins also function as agents that fight cancer and inflammation. In fact, when it comes to skin inflammation or cancer, the catechins in green tea are considered to be the most effective in terms of counteracting them. It thus comes as no surprise that the most popular cosmetic shops now feature products that contain green tea. This is due to the way green tea protects the skin from the effects of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

  • Stabilize Blood Sugar In Diabetes

Aside from it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, catechins in green tea lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This protects the body from damages caused by a high-fat diet. For people with diabetes, green tea helps stabilize blood sugar. Thus, in the process of trying to reverse diabetes, it is a good idea to take full advantage of what a cup of green tea can bring you.

What Are The Side Effects of Green Tea?

Are you sensitive to caffeine?

Although the caffeine and L-Theanine content of green tea won’t make you as jittery as a cup of coffee, you will still feel a bit of the stimulant effects of these substances. Thus, if you are particularly sensitive to stimulants in cola and energy drinks, you might want to ask your health care practitioner about whether or not drinking tea is okay. This is particularly important for those taking medications that may already have caffeine.


The benefits of green tea are many and varied. It comes as no surprise that green tea is the second most popular drink in the world next to water. You get so many health benefits from a single cup of tea that you might even want to replace your daily morning cup of coffee with this healthy beverage. In today’s polluted world full of free radicals, doing all you can to combat every type of damaging effect will go a long way towards helping you live a full, healthy and long life.

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