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We all wish for a certain body, a body that is summer ready, winter ready, and fits perfectly in every piece of cloth. However, that does not really come that easy. It takes way too many dedicated hours in the gym. Let’s not forget the part where we have to give up on the tempting everyday snacks.

Dieting is definitely the toughest part of attaining the perfect body. You may enjoy cheat days once a week. But the excess calories need to be countered with a lot more hard work. Well, this is where CHEATmeal comes in the picture.

As the names suggest CHEATmeal lets you cheat on your meal. It basically eliminates the toughest part of dieting. Sounds intriguing? CHEATmeals is a dietary supplement that ensures that you have a better digestive system.

Apart from this, it restricts the calories that fats and carbs bring to your body. CHEATmeals come in the form of a pill, you need to have a specific amount before your fancy meal. The success rates of CHEATmeals is pretty high, it claims to fall somewhere around 96%. So, if you have been looking for a little help in your weight loss journey, CHEATmeals is the right friend.

You Must Be Thinking That What Is CHEATmeals?

It’s okay if you do not completely understand CHEATmeals after the little information provided above. Reading through this will make you understand the product in a much better way. The masters working behind CHEATmeals is a company named HFL Solutions. They are established in Nevada.

It was started by a doctor named Dr. Sam Robbins, who was a Ph.D. in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology.

The diet supplement CHEATmeals is often misunderstood as a fat burner. If you have such thoughts, let me make it clear for you. CHEATmeals does not help you burn your fat quickly. It helps you in blocking all the fat from the fancy and absolutely tempting food you eat. Your body does not tend to gain as a result of the blocking of fats and carbohydrates.

However, you still cannot carelessly eat a tremendous amount of fat or carbohydrates. These pills only prevent the storage of a major portion of such elements in your system. You still need to make sure that you are always eating healthy.

CHEATmeals is also associated with other benefits. One of which is, it helps in improving the blood sugar level of your body. It maintains the level of cholesterol. Apart from this, CHEATmeals has no synthetic compound, which makes it much perfect for your weight loss journey.

How To Use CHEATmeals?

CHEATmeals comes in the form of capsules, you are required to take this before your fatty or carbohydrate diet. The best results are visible when you take these pills at least before 15-20 mins of consumption of excess fat. Even though CHEATmeal is one of the dose-dependent tablets, you must not take more than the required amount of your body. The Ideal amount of pill you should be taking fat rich food is 1-2.

Also, your intake of the pill is dependent on the food you eat. Let’s say you are planning on eating the entire cheese burst pizza on your own. A minimum of 4 pills will block the excess fat and carbohydrates you have consumed. So, if you want to get great results, make sure you are keeping a proper track of your calorie intake.

THE IDEAL WAY OF TAKING THE PILL: As per the instructions laid by the manufacturers of the pill, you must take it with some water. Take 3 of the dietary supplement pill and swallow it with the help of 16 oz. of water. Do this procedure 15 mins prior to your meal.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Almost every pill has a side effect if you do not take it properly. Excess consumption of CHEATmeals pill can also have some adverse effect too. Below is a little guide to take these pills properly.

  • Take at least 2 pills before every meal daily when you are not following any particular form of diet. So, if you are consuming just moderately healthy food, these pills will lock the carbs and fats.
  • Take 3-4 pills once in your entire day if you follow a good diet and allow yourself only one cheat meal. Take the pill before your cheat meal or high-calorie meal. This will help you in attaining the body you desire with utmost ease.
  • If you are absolutely careless about the calorie intake, make sure you take at least 5-6 capsules before the bad meals. It is great for cheat days when you binge eat the entire day.

What Are The Ingredients of CHEATmeals?

This section is truly dedicated to the ingredients of the CHEATmeals. This will make you understand how the pills help in attaining great results.

CHEATmeals is entirely built on 3 formulae, and each of them plays a vital role in your fitness journey. The technology used by the manufacturing brand is known as Synergy Optimizer Technologies.

The first and foremost formula is the Fat Blocking and Neutralizing Formula. As the name says, all the ingredients here are truly dedicated to blocking maximum storage of fat in your body. The composition is as follows:

LipoSan UltraR Chitosan

This is one of the oldest dietary supplement. People have trusted this for more than a decade. It helps in blocking food fat in the most effective way possible. Also, it is indeed called the Fat Magnet as well. What Chitosan does is that it attracts whatever fat you eat. It soaks it up and carries it to your digestive system. So, no fat accumulation happens.

If you say that every fat trapper does the same thing, how is this different? Well, most fat blocking supplements available takes way too much time to dissolve and the action. Most of them probably take an hour. However, Chitosan just takes about 5 minutes to dissolve and come into action.

Cassia Nomame (10:1 EXTRACT)

Scientists have lately discovered the unique features associated with this plant. It helps in preventing the transportation of fat to various cell through the bloodstream. One thing you need to make sure before buying the product is that you are buying Cassia Nomame Extract version. Do not go for something that not particularly states the word EXTRACT.

NeOptuniaR Nopal

NeOptunia is an organic ingredient which can again be stated as a fat blocker. However, the fat blocking procedure adapted by NeOptunia is absolutely different from Chitosan. Its consumption also gives major health benefits such as low insulin and blood sugar levels.

The second formula included in the technology is the Carbohydrate Blocking and Neutralizing Formula. The formula is meant for the exact purpose as it says. Here are the contents:

White Kidney Beans (10:1 Extract Phaseolus vulgaris) Phase 2

You will find this particular ingredient in most of the dietary supplement. One of the reason is that it helps in blocking carbohydrates. So, if you are someone who wants to maintain a nice, lean body. Then you must look for this ingredient in your diet supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia

This particular content became famous for its excellence in the weight loss journey. HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid present in it helps in speeding up the process of weight loss. It majorly helps in inhibiting the storage of fat. Other than that it has other interesting health benefits as well. One of which is, it helps in enhancing the serotonin of your brain. As a result of which you stay much happier.


Extracted from the Konjac plant Glucomannan is well known for its various helpful benefits. It does not just help in shedding weight, it also helps in maintaining the sugar and cholesterol level.

The third and last formula is Digestion Enhancing Formula. You might get a hint of what it exactly means by reading the name. This formula consists of a combination of ingredients that helps in maintaining a good digestive system. It contains Pepsin, Amylase, Protease, Cellulase. You can never be completely fit if you do not have a healthy digestive system.

How Does CHEATmeals Work?

The company states with proven results that it has been developed to suit and work for all body types. You can buy one for yourself and start your weight loss journey. As far as the procedure is concerned, CHEATmeals is a set of very effective formula.

The 2 components that make you gain weight are completely blocked by CHEATmeals. Also, this is one of the easy options available for weight loss. No heavy exercise or hours in the gym is required to attain results. You can see results even after doing your daily chores. One of the most important things that need to be kept in mind is time and dose.

You must consume the supplement at least before 15 mins of consuming any fatty diet. Also, your consumption is totally dependent upon the amount of fat and carbs you are eating.

You need to have a healthy digestive system to effectively lose your weight. CHEATmeals does exactly that for you, it enhances your digesting capabilities. All the blocked fats and carbs are excreted through your stool. So, we can surely say that CHEATmeal causes no harm to you.

Other than the weight loss benefits, it does have quite a few other benefits as well.

What Are The Benefits Received By Using CHEATmeals?

Consumption of CHEATmeal has quite a few really interesting benefits. Apart from being good for shedding weight, it also has major health benefits as well. To start with, you can eat whatever you want without worrying about putting on weight. So, no more tearful byes to your favorite food.

We often feel heavy after eating a large meal. Since CHEATmeals uses digestion enhancing formula that heavy feeling will be gone too. Something most people love about CHEATmeals is that it is absolutely natural. Unlike other dietary supplements, CHEATmeals does not really have any side effects.

But, it is adviced that you must not take these pills if you are pregnant or allergic. So, the best way to start the consumption would be by consulting your general physician.

Fats can often make you feel tired and low in energy all the time. However, taking these pills and blocking most of the fat will help you regain your energy. You can possibly see the difference within a day or two.

Also, fats and carbs misbalances your cholesterol level and might affect your heart in a harmful way. CHEATmeals helps you to maintain a healthy and fir heart. Not just that, it is good for your colon and pancreas as well.

What Are The Side Effects of CHEATmeals?

CHEATmeals affects your body in numerous ways, mostly in positive ways. None of the consumers has ever reported any side effect of the pill. So, it can be said that it is safe to take these pills.

It helps in maintaining the desired body shape by blocking unnecessary fats and carbs. In any case, you need to make sure that you are taking anything in excess neither the pills nor the food. Both of them can have adverse effects.

Is It A Scam?

Considering every aspect, the ingredients and customer responses, CHEATmeals does not seem like a scam. The ingredients of the pills do have the capabilities of blocking fats and carbs. All of them are clinically proven.

All you need to worry about is the quantity of the pill. You might not really observe in an instant loss of weight, but it won’t take long too. These are great if you are looking for a long-term option.

Where To Buy It?

The CHEATmeals dietary supplement is only available online. You can either buy it from the official website or you can find it on websites like Amazon. One bottle is assumed enough for 1 month and it is priced at $49.97.

However, you can explore other options and discounts over the official website. You can pay for your shipment using online wallets like Amazon pay and Paypal. If not these, you can pay using your credit card. The price may exceed if you opt for an express delivery option.

Complete filling your shipping details and you will have your CHEATmeals dietary supplement in no time.

What Are Its Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy?

You can have your entire money refunded with $100 extra cash back if the product does not work for you. You enjoy various other benefits if you are shopping for the first time.

You have 365 days to return and expect a full refund on your product. If you return your product in the first 30 days, you will get a full refund excluding shipping charges. This applies for both opened and unopened bottles.

The company accepts all unopened bottles from 31-90 days of purchase. You will receive a full refund of the price of the bottle excluding the shipping charges.

The company offers exchange or 200% credit notes after 90 days of purchase. You use these credit vouchers for any products or services offered by the company.

Also, if you want to qualify for the extra $100 cash back, you must provide some proof. You may show some before and medical results to claim that the product did not work for you.

If you are still confused about certain topics you can visit the FAQs page on the official CHEATmeals website.

Final Words

Fats, Carbohydrates, and Sugar damages our body in a lot of ways. Accumulation of these does not only adds weight to our body but can also be a cause of various health issues.

However, no matter how bad they are for us, they taste absolutely delicious. At some point, we look for something that could just minimize the harmful effects of these elements.

CHEATmeals is probably the perfect dietary supplement for all such people. If you cannot cut your cravings, just wave off the unnecessary elements. It becomes much more helpful when shedding weight is the absolute goal of a person. We now know that CHEATmeals blocks carbs and fats. It even shrinks your appetite and makes you feel full at all times.

It is one of the best substitutes for days when you just want to eat unhealthily. And you may not worry about putting on weight as long as you are taking the supplement.

Also, CHEATmeals is good for every individual as it does not ask you to make any changes in your routine. You can expect good results even without exercising and dieting. If you look at reviews over the website, you will realize that it stands on all the claims made by the company.

Being absolutely organic, it is one of the best options for vegetarian fitness adorers.

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